Nicki Minaj just had the biggest wardrobe malfunction onstage and handled it like a pro

Nicki Minaj just had the biggest wardrobe malfunction onstage and handled it like a pro

Imagine that you've recently become a pretty famous pop-star, and you've finally made it far enough to be named a headlining act at an annual music festival. However, when you take the stage in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, the worst case scenario happens and you experience the dreaded double boob flop in front of everyone. And what's worse is that it's all caught on camera.

It might sound like some kind of other-worldly nightmare, but it was something that actually happened to none other than Nicki Minaj. The rapper headlined the second day of the Made in America music festival, which is held each year in Philidelphia over Labor Day weekend, and she had the misfortune to endure a pretty big wardrobe malfunction.

The 35-year-old is known for her racy outfits and risqué stage antics, but this was something else entirely.

I mean, most of us have probably experienced a nip-slip once or twice before. And especially if you're wearing a low-cut top and dancing around on stage during an energetic performance, chances are that your bra will pop open and let the girls out.

Luckily for Nicki, she knew exactly how to handle it. The pro that she is, she didn't let her accidental boob flash ruin her performance. Instead, she unashamedly tucked each breast back into their assigned seats while making it all look like it was part of her choreography. The long orange wig she was wearing even helped out as a modesty curtain.

Here it is:

But while a lot of people freaked out about the fact that Nicki Minaj's boobs decided to say hello to the world while she was in the spotlight, we doubt that she really cared. Like, everyone has nipples, and we are all well aware that Nicki Minaj has boobs.

Just think back to all the red carpets she's hit with outfits that definitely let the world know what she's got.

Her latest album cover also doesn't leave much to the imagination.

While that wardrobe malfunction might've made anyone else blush, Nicki knew how to deal with it like a boss.

Her latest album has been received warmly by fans, though it has caused a bit of controversy between some other celebs. Rapper (and Kylie Jenner's boyfriend) Travis Scott released his new album just a week after Nicki dropped hers, and it sparked a bit of beef between the two artists.

Nicki appeared to be slightly peeved at the fact that Travis was "using" Kylie to promote his new album, which she said was the reason his album bumped hers from the number one spot on the charts.

Just recently, when she was venting to Ellen about the whole thing, she clarified that she wasn't necessarily angry, she just "wanted to punch him in his f*cking face".

Yikes! For a girl who doesn't seem to care if her top falls off while she's on stage, you really wouldn't want to be messing with her. Watch out, Travis...