Rapper tragically dies during plane stunt while filming a music video

Rapper tragically dies during plane stunt while filming a music video

Members of the management team of Jon James McMurray have confirmed that the Canadian rapper has died after falling to his death during a aeroplane stunt gone wrong on Saturday October 20th.

The incident, which took place in British Columbia, reportedly involved McMurray, 34, walking along a wing of a small plane while rapping, a stunt that the rapper was said to have trained extensively for. Unfortunately, McMurray stepped too far out onto the wing, causing the plane to go into a spiral that the pilot couldn't rectify;

"However, as Jon got further out onto the wing of the plane, it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn't correct.

"Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn't have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly." reads a statement from the rapper's management team.

Credit: Instagram

McMurray is known as an accomplished freeskier and stuntman, and his music videos often featured him performing stunts, from BASE jumps to skydives.

Further words from the statement described how combining music and stunts represented the coming together of two of McMurray's passions;

"His passion for making music videos and performing stunts were combined, and Jon pushed music in a new direction that was unchartered territory."

Professional skier Wayne Bushfield posted a moving tribute to his late friend, writing;

"The sun is not as bright today as it was yesterday when it was shining on my homie's last moments. Jon James McMurray, my very best, dearest and oldest friend passed yesterday evening in a skydive accident. He was living his ultimate dream, free and full.

"May he rest In peace. I'm gonna miss him so much."

McMurray had grown up harbouring aspirations of becoming a profesisonal skier himself, but after sustaining a broken back and shattered heel, he decided to pursue a new dream: that of becoming a musician.

Bushfield added;

"Thanks for all the lessons over the years fee. You where such a good man, you brought up everyone around you and I promise to try my best to live as free as you did. Take care of my girl Sarah up there homie. I love you. All my love to his family and people."

An investigation from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, coroner's office and Transportation Safety Board into McMurray's death is now underway.