Singer Bebe Rexha calls out alleged married football player on Instagram for texting her

Singer Bebe Rexha calls out alleged married football player on Instagram for texting her

The phenomenon of celebrities sliding into people's DMs absolutely astounds me. Do they not realise that social media is a powder keg for them, and the slightest misstep or misdemeanor can leave them jobless and newly single? Clearly not, as tonnes of wannabe players use Instagram and Twitter to try and lure in their latest conquest.

Bebe Rexha is the latest celeb who has been the subject of unwanted DMs, this time, she claims by a married football player.

For those of you who don't know the blonde beauty, she released her debut album Expectations in June this year, and has written songs for other artists including Selena Gomez, and Eminem and Rihanna. Not a bad CV eh?

However, the singer, 29, was forced to take to Instagram this week to shame the unnamed man in front of her seven million followers - and she did not hold back at all.

She wrote: “Do you ever have that one guy that always comes in and out of your life. And they are cheaters, waste your time.”

She then shared a screenshot of the conversation along side some more barbed comments.

Credit: Bebe Rexha / Instagram

Bebe went on to further criticise the man in question, stating that she wanted nothing to do with him, writing:

“You’re married and have three kids. Be a good role model and play your sports and leave me the f–k alone.

“Don’t be texting me ‘hey friend’ especially if you’re a married man. Sorry. That s–t don’t fly with me.

The musician added: “Go back to playing football. If only you guys knew.”

This is not the first time recently the singer has been forced to publicly speak about her love life. Last month the American rejected fellow singer Olly Murs live on television after she appeared alongside him on Sunday Brunch.

During a cooking segment Bebe joked: “Are there any cute, single, English guys out there?”

From across the studio, Olly raised his hand and exclaimed: “I’m over here!”

Bebe was quick to turn down his advances though and said: “I won’t date another singer.”

Maybe the next man who tries to ask out Bebe will take heed of these recent warnings and proceed in a respectful and dignified manner. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that this lady is after a gentleman, not a married dude intent on cheating. It's not a high bar guys, come on.