Netflix codes allow users to unlock thousands of hidden genres, and now there are even more

Netflix codes allow users to unlock thousands of hidden genres, and now there are even more

Too much choice can sometimes be tricky. No one enjoys the feeling of trying desperately to unwind on the sofa, before signing into a streaming service and being swamped with more options than an entire Blockbuster store. Even if you started with a vague idea of what you wanted to watch, the sheer number of titles can soon scare you off track. If only there was a way to refine your browsing to something seriously specific.

Thankfully, massive media conglomerate Netflix have come up with a cunning solution. Thanks to a series of secret codes that allow users to find anything from “20th Century Period Pieces for ages 8 to 10”, to “Dark Deadly Disaster Sci-Fi Horror Movies”, you need never worry about getting distracted by aimless scrolling - now you’ll be able to zero in on whatever you like with just a few clicks. 

Check out the chilling trailer for Netflix horror In The Shadow Of The Moon:

In order to access this amazing feature, Netflix users will need to have access to an internet browser. After logging in to the streaming site, users will then have to type into their browser, before replacing the XXXX with the number of their choice. This number refers to an incredibly specific subcategory, of which there are over 27,000, according to Finder

Obviously, any list that’s 27,000 entries long is going to be slightly intimidating. However, the Finder list provides an incredibly helpful navigation tool for helping users get to grips with the variety on offer. While it’s important to note that some codes are country specific, as soon as you become familiar with your codes, finding what’s right for you will be easier than ever. Endless list surfing might be a quintessential part of the Netflix experience, but if you can identify a few favourite codes, it could soon be a thing of the past.