WWE's Daniel Bryan suffers wardrobe malfunction as testicles fall out of trunks during match

WWE's Daniel Bryan suffers wardrobe malfunction as testicles fall out of trunks during match

Last night, WWE held its most recent live event in the run-up to Wrestlemania - the 10th Elimination Chamber pay per view.

However, despite the fact the show boasted two matches inside the hellish titular structure, it is the former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan that people are still talking about - and he wasn't even in either of the Chamber matches.

While competing in a match against fellow cruiserweight Drew Gulak, 38-year-old Daniel Bryan (real name Bryan Danielson) suffered a couple of unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions in front of the thousands in attendance, as well as viewers watching at home.

During their match at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center, the Leader of the Yes Movement "popped out" of his trunks.

The first instance occurred when Gulak was seemingly pulling on Bryan’s ring gear a little too hard, causing them to ride up a little higher than usual and expose the former WrestleMania headliner's "fellas".

The second mishap occurred when Bryan was super-plexed from the top rope - but as he was falling, one of his testicles was hanging out as he fell to the mat.

Of course, eagle-eyed viewers quickly rushed to Twitter to comment on Bryan's balls:

Other fans were able to look past the malfunction, praising both Gulak and Bryan for putting on a stellar match:

Despite the embarrassing slips, Bryan went on to defeat Gulak, and in an interview with WWE.com after the match, he spoke about his love for the business: "This is what I love about professional wrestling.

"I don't ever want to just go through the motions: I want to fight with my heart, I want to fight with blood and guts. That's what I wanna fight with!"

And unbelievably, this isn't the only slip up (or slip out) we've seen in the last seven days.

Last week, survival expert Bear Grylls accidentally live-streamed his tackle on Instagram (video above).