These sisters' incredible 'Hocus Pocus' Halloween photoshoot is giving us life

These sisters' incredible 'Hocus Pocus' Halloween photoshoot is giving us life

When you really think about it, there are so many movies associated with Christmas. From Love Actually to It's A Wonderful Life to Jingle All The Way - the list of films synonymous with December 25 is endless! However, when you think of Halloween, there aren't too many stand out flicks that you just have to watch by the time October 31 rolls around. But there is one...

Hocus Pocus was released back in 1993, and despite its popularity today, was actually met with mixed to negative reviews, with the Miami Herald describing it as "a pretty lackluster affair". But despite being panned by critics, the movie has since become a cult classic, with a worldwide audience dedicated to the family-friendly holiday horror. In fact, ABC ABC Family’s director of acquisitions Megan Slaughter claimed the movie is one of the network's "highest-rated titles consistently".

And the movie isn't just popular with millennials who grew up with the flick - the comically wicked Sanderson sisters are also a hit with young audiences, as these three sisters prove.

Twin sisters Alli and Maddi, 9, and their younger sibling Landri, 7, have totally won Halloween with their amazing portrayal of Winnie, Mary, and Sarah for an adorably spooky photoshoot.

Check out a selection of the images below:

The girls' mom, Heather Grabenstein, revealed to Good Morning America: "October 1st rolls around and they're asking, 'Mommy, can we watch Hocus Pocus?'" And to honor their favorite witches, the Grabenstein sisters decided to transform themselves into the Sanderson sisters - and did an amazing job!

From their detailed costumes to hilarious (and accurate) facial expressions, I'll argue that the girls do a better job of playing the witches than actresses Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The amazing pictures were taken by Heather Rust Photography (owned by their mom and now known as Tiny Hearts Photography), who is also based in Waco. And after going viral for last year's Halloween, Heather said she wasn't sure how she can top her daughter's costumes for 2019.

But amazingly, the girls have - with a hilariously charming and adorable Grease-themed shoot! Check out the pics below:

Halloween is now my favorite holiday, simply because I cannot wait to see what these girls do each year!