ASOS is selling brown tie-dye pants that look like you've pooed yourself

ASOS is selling brown tie-dye pants that look like you've pooed yourself

If someone gets accused of having a s**t dress sense, critics don’t usually mean it literally.

Unless you’re a toddler or have had an unfortunate run-in with a dodgy kebab, poo and clothing rarely cross paths. However, despite all common sense suggesting that this state of affairs should continue to be respected, one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers has decided to put the rule to the test. 

New for 2019, world-famous fashionistas ASOS have released a pair of pants, and matching top, that has the unfortunate distinction of looking as though they were recently used as the world’s most expensive toilet paper. The pants, which come courtesy of designers Public Desire, are currently selling for £22.99 or $37.00 - or approximately 64 rolls of Andrex. 

Credit: ASOS

The fashion faux pas was first pointed out by newly established Facebook page 'ASOS, Why?' who are themselves dedicated to highlighting some of the more unfortunate pieces from the retailer's storied history.

Other items featured include a set of beaded curtain-style 'Icarus wings', which makes the wearer look like a fruit bat, and gold swimming trunks that looks like they belong in a skimpy version of Goldfinger.

Predictably, criticism of the cr*ppy trousers has been pretty remorseless. As 'ASOS, Why?' themselves put it, "We all have accidents, but worry not about them stains on your behind! These trousers are the perfect cover!"

However, despite the criticism, The Sun reports that ASOS has claimed that the trousers are "selling fast" - and the US site is currently out of stock. It just goes to show that there’s no accounting for taste.