Former McDonald's employee reveals she got a tattoo of a Big Mac out of love for McDonald's

Former McDonald's employee reveals she got a tattoo of a Big Mac out of love for McDonald's

I don't know if I can trust myself to get a tattoo.

So many people I know have gone for awesome body art, and I'm always jealous, but I don't know if I have the pain tolerance or the foresight to undergo several hours of pain for something other than a Reddit meme that went out of style back in 2015.

It's a big commitment, getting a tattoo, and that's why you've got to get something that's important to you.

McDonald's tattoo Credit: McDonald's

Maybe I should follow the example of this former McDonald's employee. It's Valentine's Day, of course, and she has raised quite a few eyebrows by showing her love for the fast food chain by deciding to get a tattoo of a Big Mac on her arm.

Coline Touax, who used to work underneath the Golden Arches and is a self-confessed fan of their flagship burger - the Big Mac - decided to get the body art as a proclamation of her love this Day of Valentine, and I'm a little jealous... and also quite hungry.

Big Mac tattoo Credit: McDonald's

The tattoo of beef and bun and cheese was done in tasteful grey, and the body art was applied by none other than Jay Hutton of Tattoo Fixers fame, so you know that Coline was in good hands (and needles). What's even better - Hutton was in fact a former employee at McDonald's, so the tattoo artist and tattoo... canvas had a little bit in common.

This was all done in conjunction with PR company RedConsultancy, who decided to get the word out about Coline's tattoo in aid of promoting their latest version of the Big Mac.

Well, that depends who you ask. "This is not fake news like Harry Style's bogus tattoo, but is totally real," said a spokesperson from the PR firm, before going into the latest McOffering: the Bacon Big Mac. But the real question here (from the point of RedConsultancy) is: does the Bacon Big really count as a Big Mac?

"This is the first time the iconic Big Mac has been changed in the UK since the burger's creation in 1968 and opinion is divided on the addition. Big Mac purists are questioning if the burger should even be classed as a Big Mac at all, whilst others are welcoming the new addition in to the Big Mac family with open arms."

Whether you're of the opinion that Big Macs can have bacon in them or not, you can't argue with the idea of fast food tattoos. Who knows, you might even get some free food at the end of it! That's the hope, at least for Tabatha Andrade, who got the KFC logo tattooed on her lower lip.

"I was on holidays up in Queensland when the urge just suddenly came to me," said the 20-year-old Australian, and although she's not too fussed about getting free food (the love of KFC is enough for her), she would like some free food, if the opportunity arose.

KFC Tattoo Credit: Tabatha Andrade

"It would be awesome if they gave me free KFC because of it. Let’s see what happens," the young lady said, but I think that if you're going to get a fast food tattoo, you'd better love fast food, and I think both of these women fall squarely in that food loving category.