14 Of the most iconic clapbacks to body-shamers the internet has ever seen

14 Of the most iconic clapbacks to body-shamers the internet has ever seen

On the Internet, people get body-shamed all the time. They're either too fat, or too skinny, or too old, or too hairy, or too pregnant. Trolls love picking out perceived flaws and cracking malicious jokes - probably because they feel miserable about their own life, and think tearing down a stranger will make them feel better. (It won't.)

Luckily, some people have skin of steel, and a savage way with words. Celebrities, models and regular people have fired back, obliterating their pathetic attacks with the perfect response. Like Thanos snapped his fingers, the trolls said "I don't feel so good," and crumbled away into nothingness. Here 14 of the most iconic clapbacks to body-shamers the internet has ever seen (so far).

1. Lesego Legobane, aka Thick Leeyonce, the plus-size model in the right of a cruel meme, strikes back at a troll.

2. Busy Phillips hits a body-shamer where it really hurts - grammatical mistakes.

3. When someone cracked a joke about "Thick Rihanna," the singer repurposed a Gucci Mane meme in the best possible way

4. Anne Hathaway delivers a flawless preemptive-strike.

5. Men get body-shamed too.

6. So do pregnant women. And this meteorologist was not having it.

8. The sight of hair on Halsey's armpit horrified one Twitter user, but she helped him deal with the trauma. 

9. 17-year-old Lalonie Davis took a stand for body hair positivity.

10. And if you don't get attacked for being too fat, you might get attacked for being too skinny. Luckily, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland is an expert troll-slayer.

11. All the guys who made these comments are in flawless shape, I'm sure.

12. People even had the nerve to attack Princess Leia, for committing the unforgivable crime of aging. (R.I.P.)

13. Plus-size models put up with a lot.

14. The Internet loved Barb in Stranger Things, and they might love the actress even more.

So, be proud of your body, whether you're male or female, skinny or fat, old or young, or the hairiest person in the world. If somebody body-shamers you, clap back. And if you try to body-shame someone...you've been warned.