Heartwarming moment gay couple propose to each other at the same time

Heartwarming moment gay couple propose to each other at the same time

A heartwarming video has gone viral on social media this week, which shows two gay men who hail from Brazil proposing to each other at the exact same time.

According to The Daily Mail, the incident occurred last week in front of a Ferris wheel ride and was recorded on camera by a nearby bystander.

The video shows one of the men pulling out an engagement ring box, before kneeling in front of his beloved to ask him to marry him. The other man appears touched and rendered speechless before he goes over to his own backpack.

Take a look at the touching double-proposal in the video below:

He can then be seen drawing a box of his own out of his bag; a box that also contains an engagement ring. It was clear that the proposee had been planning the exact same move.

The two men, whose identities have not yet been made public, then kissed passionately and embraced one another: a clear sign that the wedding is due to go ahead. Meanwhile, a crowd of people who had had the privilege to witness the special moment cheered the couple on as they declared their love for each another.

The video was later shared to Twitter by the account @MemesFolder, where it quickly racked up a huge number of views and retweets from social media users who were left touched by the clip.

For instance, one Twitter-user wrote: "Ngl homosexual couples videos where one proposes to the other only for the other to freak out and pull out a ring too are definitely one of the best things on the Internet. [That] and dogs that are ridiculously excited about laughing babies. [sic]" 

This couple recently went viral after they got engaged in a KFC:

I have a feeling that these two guys will have many years of happilly-married life to look forward to in the future.