Model who says swinging made her marriage stronger reveals the strangest request she's ever had

Model who says swinging made her marriage stronger reveals the strangest request she's ever had

A model who says that swinging has made her marriage stronger has revealed the strangest request she's ever had.

In case you're unfamiliar with swinging, let me explain. It's the practice by which couples open up their relationship to other partners and can involve them having consensual extramarital one-night stands and, in some cases, swapping partners with other couples.

Now, one model who makes a living through the adult content website OnlyFans, has revealed that swinging has improved her relationship with her husband because it allows them to be adventurous and have fun.

As per the Sun, Patrycia said of her open relationship with her husband: "The both of us are very visual, so I guess we're a match made in heaven - he was actually the only who introduced me to the lifestyle and it has been very liberating!"

"Just experiencing these adventures with my husband, having fun, and just being a better couple overall."

Patrycia, 23, who is from Miami, boasts an impressive 335,000 followers on Instagram and explained in the interview that she often slides into the DMs of potential casual partners.

She also revealed that she charges as much as $200 a picture on OnlyFans and has had some unusual requests from her customers.

"The craziest request I've gotten from a fan was to beat them up for fun, then walk on them with my dirty shoes," she revealed.

"Honestly, I have never gone through with anything too crazy just because I'm worried about my safety. But that said, I have done a couple of public flashing requests so I guess you can call that crazy!"

The 23-year-old said that she and her husband swing regularly and typically have encounters with other partners once or twice a month.

These partners in the swinging community haven't just been Average Joes, either. However, Patrycia's lips were sealed when it came to her famous lovers' identities.

She said: "I never thought I'd meet so many celebrities and athletes. It's crazy how, in the tabloids, you'd never guess they're swingers."

While swinging is definitely not for everyone, Patrycia said that with excellent communication and respect, it can be executed successfully.