12 Shocking reasons why people regret breaking up with their ex

12 Shocking reasons why people regret breaking up with their ex

It's unfortunate, but relationships often come to an end. While everything appears to resemble rainbows and sunshine in the early stages, it's only later that you truly get to know your partner and when you realise that their quirks, which were once so endearing, now grate on you endlessly.

Occasionally, however, we come to regret our decision. Regardless of whether this is because you miss the comfort and security that a long-term partnership provides, or whether you've actually made a mistake, one thing's for sure: you can expect to experience a lot of pain. Here are 12 people on why ending things with their significant other was a massive mistake...

1. The grass isn't always greener

2. This must be tough 

3. Gutted

4. This isn't the best reasoning...

5. Awkward

6. It's normal to feel lonely after a breakup 

7. Don't settle for less

8. Look elsewhere...

9. Maybe consider getting your own?

10. Oh dear 

11. It's up to you

12. Stay away 

Well, there you have it. Breaking up - whether you were dumped or the dumpee - is always a painful process, and you're bound to experience guilt or regret in the wake of it. One can only hope, however, that these individuals find a way to work through their pain, and reach a resolution.