8 Pairs of twins who grew up to create successful businesses together

8 Pairs of twins who grew up to create successful businesses together

For some reason, people find twins interesting. Whether it's wondering if they can read each other's thoughts, or ogling at their physical similarities, there's something strangely fascinating about them. Some twins have used this unique power to their advantage and have created business ventures together, using their visibility as twins to gain attention.

Here are eight pairs of twins who have used the opportunities of social media to boost successful careers for themselves as twins.

1. Jenny and Lucy - The West Twins

This set of twins shared a passion for the gym, and have since become the well-known twin bodybuilders that they are today. With motivational messages and posts featuring them wearing matching workout clothes, their Instagram tactic is simple, but enough to earn them quiiite a bit of money.

2. Tony and John - The Alberti Twin

They became known to the world via reality TV show Love Island, and they've been busy with various professional ventures since then. They've launched a successful YouTube cooking channel, and have landed themselves airtime again as TV chefs.

"Being twins, we stood out and got exposure from that," Tony told BBC. "We're different to your usual chefs. We're really good looking and people are just fascinated by twins. We want to make cooking fun and sexy."

3. Allie and Lexi - The Kaplan Twins

These arty sisters are not only Instagram famous for their twinning looks, but also because of their internet-friendly art.

4. Jordan and Zac - The Stenmark Twins

These Aussie hunks are world-famous models whose incredible success might be thanks to the fact that they're both identically as good looking as each other.

5. Claire and Laura - Twins That Travel

The sisters started taking photos and blogging about their travels in 2014. Back then, they would primarily photograph the beautiful destinations they visited. It was only until a friend pointed out that people would find the fact that they were twins especially interesting that things took off for them.

"We forget the outside world sees us like that," Claire told BBC, but "once we started to push the twin thing, it became easier to establish ourselves."

6. Ethan and Grayson - The Dolan Twins

The two brothers rose to fame thanks to video-sharing app Vine (RIP), and the comedy duo now have a large YouTube following as well as a contract with AwesomenessTV since 2015.

7. Ashley and Brittney - Twins Kitchen

These two sisters have a successful online following due to their vegan lifestyle and recipe sharing - and for the fact that they're twins. The sisters share healthy plant-based recipes and yoga selfies.

8. Loanne and Jordan - The Collyer Twins

These siblings knew that people would always be fascinated by the twin look, and decided to tactfully blog about fashion and lifestyle together. They gradually built up an online following and now work with fashion brands all over the world. Plus, they DJ as a separate business venture on the side: "there's not that many female DJs, let alone twin DJs," Jordan told BBC.

"Whenever we work with brands, they want us both in the image... we can wear the same items but style them in different ways. The pictures that do best are ones of us in matching bikinis and the same poses - when we play up to the twin thing. Same same, but different."

Talk about twinning, right?