Study reveals the everyday habits of people who cheat on their partners

Study reveals the everyday habits of people who cheat on their partners

How do cheaters get away with it? How often do they think of their mistress or mister when they're not there? When do they send their secret raunchy messages? How long do affairs normally last? When it comes to infidelity, all of these questions, along with hundreds of others, are on our minds.

Luckily for the curious minds among us, Ashley Madison - a Canadian online dating service and social networking service marketed to people who are married or in relationships - recently conducted research that aimed to delve into the inner workings of people who have affairs. And, needless to say, they came back with some pretty interesting information...

Cheating often affects long-term relationships

More than two-thirds of cheaters have been married for over 10 years

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Many affairs last months, or even years

44 per cent said they have been having an affair for a year or less

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Their lover is nearly always on their mind

Unfaithful partners begin thinking about their mister or mistress the moment they wake up

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Almost half of disloyal partners talk to their other lovers as much as they speak to their significant others

47 per cent said they are in touch with their secret lover one or two times a day, while 42 per cent also contact their spouse once or twice daily

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There's a lot of texting under the desk

Fans of infidelity contact their bit on the side most frequently during work hours

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There is one main chosen method of communication

The majority of cheaters apparently use text messages

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Post-9pm is prime time for infidelity

21 per cent of those surveyed claim they don't see their affair partner until after 9pm

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Significant others do get some privileges

More than half of the adulterous community surveyed admit they stop a work meeting or other activity to answer calls or message from their spouse, but 73 per cent said they would not do the same for their partner in their affair - lucky partners, eh?

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