Teen flies 500 miles to lose virginity to 42-year-old polyamorous man and his girlfriend

Teen flies 500 miles to lose virginity to 42-year-old polyamorous man and his girlfriend

Some people will go to any lengths for the sake of love, even if that love isn't deemed to be 'conventional' by society's standards. One person who knows this all too well is Idaho-native Gabrielle Reese, who flew 500 miles to Utah when she was 18, to lose her virginity to 42-year-old polyamorous man and his girlfriend.

Bisexual Gabrielle spoke to the couple online for three months before arranging to meet them, and hopped on a plane when she trusted them enough to consummate with them in a threesome.

She traveled all the way from Salt Lake City in Utah to the home of 45-year-old Jacob Boswell and his girlfriend Megan Muirhead in January 2017, after finding the open-relationship couple on a website devoted to sugar daddies.

An image of Gabrielle Reese, Jacob Boswell, and Megan Muirhead. Credit: Press Association

After arriving in Utah after a one-hour-long flight, Megan, Jacob, and Gabrielle discovered that the three of them all had strong chemistry together, and one month later, Gabrielle had moved in with them. It was just a few days before Gabrielle's 19th birthday.

Megan and Jacob had been together for 11 years before meeting the then-teenager, and Megan is also bisexual. They had both experimented with dating other women, but Gabrielle was the first person for whom both partners felt more than simple sexual attraction.

Now the 'throuple' is celebrating their third anniversary together, and while their situation hasn't always been harmonious, Jacob, Gabby, and Megan claim they're just as happy with one another.

An image of Gabrielle Reese and Megan Muirhead. Credit: Press Association

Commenting on her unconventional relationship in a recent interview, Gabby stated: "I did lose my virginity that first weekend. We never really discussed that as the plan, but we were all interested and open to the idea. The whole thing was exciting and new. We all clicked very fast and there was a lot of chemistry - we were all involved that first night."

She continued: "Losing my virginity to a guy and a girl, being bisexual, I got to experience all aspects of my sexuality, too. Girls are soft, delicate and nurturing, while men are more dominant. I'd never thought that much about how I would lose my virginity, but I guess it wasn't what I predicted. I don't have any regrets though - we're still here three years later."

An image of Gabrielle Reese, Jacob Boswell, and Megan Muirhead. Credit: Press Association

Gabby added that her family weren't too happy about the arrangement at first, but have since come to accept it. She also added that uprooting herself for the sake of Jacob and Megan was hard at first, but worth it.

She stated: "I'd never been in a relationship before, let alone moved states for two people - one of whom was in his 40s and the other a girl!

"This was my first ever relationship, I was moving in after meeting them once, and being invited straight into a shared bedroom - it was a huge adjustment. It did feel weird at times, but I think anyone's first relationship does, and at the same time, somehow it just worked.

"I've never had anyone say anything negative to my face, but you can see it in their faces as soon as they find out. People tend to sexualize it and ask a lot of invasive questions that they would not ask anyone else. They ask how it works and whether we are happy - like they have a right to know."

An image of Gabrielle Reese, Jacob Boswell, and Megan Muirhead. Credit: Press Association

Meanwhile, Jacob stated: "Being poly is an amazing emotional challenge and, like everything else difficult, it's incredibly rewarding when it works out. You've just got to keep working on this incredible, beautiful ride. I definitely get more of a reaction from people about the age gap than being poly, though."

He added: "When people hear I have two girlfriends they always go, 'Well done.' But when they hear about the age gap they imply it's not okay, as if I am cradle-snatching. It's very demeaning, as Gabrielle is smart, brilliant and intelligent - she doesn't need saving. Give her some credit, please."

An image of Gabrielle Reese and Jacob Boswell. Credit: Press Association

Megan stated: "I don't share our relationship status with that many people so I can't speak for what other people think about us all too much. Jacob and I are almost 15 years apart but people don't have an issue with the age or the polyamory separately - they seem shocked by the whole package. Although I didn't lose my virginity to Jacob I guess you could say in a way we all lost our throuple virginity together!"

I hope Megan, Jacob, and Gabby spend many happy days together. It sounds like they're making being poly work!