This guy's simple response to his ex's wedding invitation is absolute genius

This guy's simple response to his ex's wedding invitation is absolute genius

Getting married has its complications, doesn't it? First, there's the money. Weddings are expensive and, if we're being honest here, there are other things you'd rather spend your hard earned cash on. Things like a hot tub, a lawn mower that you can drive and a gas powered BBQ are all much more sound investments. Not only this, but you could buy all three for the price it costs to get married (think of your garden!)

However, once you have made the rash decision to have a ceremony to cement your love for one another, other obstacles quickly rear their head. And, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is, quite simply, who do you invite? Or, more specifically, who don't you invite?

Do you invite those work colleagues, even though you don't really like them and only have a beer with them because you are literally in the office with them? What about your racist uncle, is he invited? Oh, and that guy, y'know, that guy you met in a bar and swore you'd invite each other to your respective weddings - does he come?

While the answer to these questions is more than likely a resounding, ear-splitting "NO," when it comes to your ex, it can get a little bit more complicated.

Sometimes, despite all the odds, ex-partners do remain friends and this is the case for the following duo. A woman called Hayley Stamper decided to invite her ex-boyfriend to her wedding. However, what she didn't expect, was the joke that he cracked about the whole situation.

Stamper took to Twitter to upload an image of her ex-boyfriend's RSVP in which he said that he would be attending the wedding. The invitation asks attendees to write down what song they would happily dance to. While most of the guests probably responded with the like of "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang and "September" by Earth Wind and Fire, Hayley's ex had other ideas. Deciding to use the invite to crack a pun, he opted for "I Loved Her First" by Heartland.

However, before you jump the gun and begin asking why Hayley invited her ex-boyfriend to her wedding, the woman offered an explanation.

She wrote, "Before you quote me with "why tf did you invite your ex" here's my response!!! *We broke up over 5 years ago! Not every breakup has to have a traumatic ending, thus we're still friends who can laugh and joke around. If my fiancé and ex can laugh at this tweet, you should too!"

"Also keep in mind that we invited over 600 people to our wedding!" Stamper added. "My ex and my fiancé have a lot of the same friends so it's really not awkward!! I feel lucky to have at least one ex that we both can still remain friends with!"

Naturally, Twitter thought the RSVP was hilarious and it swiftly went viral.

Fair play to both Hayley and her ex. However, while his response may be hilarious, it has nothing on Ray J releasing a song called "I Hit It First" in response to Kanye and Kim being in a relationship. What. A. Legend.