Wedding guest hits back after being trolled over 'trashy' plunging dress

Wedding guest hits back after being trolled over 'trashy' plunging dress

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can always be a difficult task. We all know not to wear white, but there's also a general rule that you don't wear an outfit that could potentially steal all the attention away from the bride and groom. In fact, there are even Facebook groups dedicated to shaming wedding guests who break this protocol.

You could do what this maid of honor did and arrive at your best friend's wedding ceremony dressed as a T-rex:

Sadly, however, these groups fail to consider the feelings of those they are targetting, and now one wedding guest has hit out at trolls after finding herself being taunted in a Facebook shaming group for her outfit of choice.

Per Yahoo News, Canadian mom Amanda Sipes was stunned to learn that a picture of her at a friend’s wedding had been shared in one of these groups, where it had attracted the ridicule of thousands of users.

Sipes was being criticized for her plunging, figure-hugging gown she had worn to the big day - an issue which saw almost 2,000 comments flood in. Amongst these comments were Facebook users branding Amanda as "tasteless" and "tacky".

"Put your t**s away," one woman commented.

"What happened to people being classy instead of trashy?" another asked.

There were comments from people coming to Amanda's defense, but sadly the mom was forced to read through a barrage of disdain for her appearance, with many of the comments, unfortunately, coming to rest on the fact that she is a plus-sized woman and should therefore dress "appropriately".

Credit: Facebook / Screenshot

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Amanda said: "This is not the first time I’ve seen myself in some sort of shaming group, I think a lot of people do not know how to react to somebody like me so it’s definitely not new territory."

Not willing to let the comments go unchallenged, Amanda commented on the post, sharing an uncensored picture of her with the bride, and chose to clarify many of the incorrect assumptions that were being made about her.

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She wrote: "They knew me and how I dress and still wanted me there. Plus it’s summer ". Also the bride loved my dress. Some of this borderlines on slut-shaming and body shaming. I am confident and I love my body and I don’t feel I need to hide it."

Speaking about her ordeal to Yahoo Lifestyle, Sipes said that although she is confident in her skin, she known body-shaming is an issue for many women:

"The only thing I really did have an issue with was body shaming. I am fortunate enough to be very comfortable and confident in my skin but I do know how it affects many women who have not reached that point in their life yet of being comfortable and confident."