Wedding guests slammed after pushing over elderly woman during bouquet toss

Wedding guests slammed after pushing over elderly woman during bouquet toss

A group of rowdy wedding guests has been slammed after they pushed an elderly woman over during the bouquet toss.

Now, as anyone who's ever attended a wedding will know, the bouquet toss is one of the most anticipated events of the day. A chance for singletons to get excited at the prospect of finding their happily ever after - if, of course, they manage to catch the flowers.

To see the moment the elderly woman was pushed over, check out the video below:

But at the wedding above, four women were a little too enthusiastic to catch the bouquet and ran so fast that they knocked an elderly woman over in the process.

The shocking footage was posted to Facebook and Reddit, where it has garnered significant attention.

In the clip, the four women seem unphased when the elderly woman is knocked over and other guests rush to her aid. In fact, the woman who successfully caught the bouquet didn't even notice that there had been an accident because she was too busy celebrating the catch.

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One shocked Reddit user commented:

"The girl in the pants seem to definitely swat it instead of catching it which made everything get a bit more violent. This grandma could have done well at my tossing, everyone ran away from it lol. These girls were out for blood though."

Meanwhile, another said: "Looks like the woman behind the older lady knocked her down, not the one that caught it."

However, more sympathetic Reddit users said that what took place was nothing more than an accident.

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