Woman branded 'trashy' after using a hotel kettle to wash her period-stained knickers, recommending it as 'fast and hygienic'

Woman branded 'trashy' after using a hotel kettle to wash her period-stained knickers, recommending it as 'fast and hygienic'

We all have different standards by which we go about our day-to-lives. Some people, for instance, feel the need to wash multiple times a day, while for others, taking a shower no more than a couple times a week is sufficient. What is unpleasant and distasteful to some, is simply the norm for others.

And broadly speaking, it's everyone's prerogative to live their lives exactly how they want - even if they happen to have certain habits that others find off-putting.

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What you do (or don't do) in your own home with your own body is your own business - it's when your unsavoury habits cross over into public life, that it gets a little questionable.

I mean, if you had, say, a pair of period blood-stained underwear and no washing machine at your disposal, well, I'm guessing you probably wouldn't turn to your kettle as an alternative.

But if you did, provided you used your own kettle, we couldn't exactly be outraged by it.

However, if you used a kettle in a hotel room, that's an entirely different kettle of fish.

Surprise surprise, that's exactly what one woman did with her own blood-stained underwear.

kettle Credit: Reddit

The hotel that the anonymous woman stayed at is believed to have been in either Australia or New Zealand.

The woman shared her kettle tip on Facebook and even included a photo of the bloody underwear in the kettle, soaking in boiling water.

"Staying in a hotel, that time of the month comes out of the blue," she wrote. "Forgot to pack knickers so came up with a good way to quickly wash them. The hotel kettle! Quick, fast and hygienic."

Reddit Credit: Reddit

Reddit Credit: Reddit

Reddit Credit: Reddit

The image was later shared on Reddit where users immediately expressed their outrage.

"I want to find this person and hygienically wipe my a** with their coffee filters, toothbrush, and pillowcase. Also, she overfilled the kettle," wrote one person.

"Wow, I've been giving hotel guests too much credit and never thought to avoid the kettle,' wrote a second.

While another added: Any hotel room that has a kettle is also going to have a sink! Or better yet, a bathtub. She could have heated the water in the kettle then poured it in a sink. Or used cold sink water and soap. Or, just... so many other solutions.

So, it's pretty much unanimous: washing your blood-stained knickers in a hotel kettle is revolting.