Woman flies 4,000 miles to tag her friend in global game

Woman flies 4,000 miles to tag her friend in global game

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the game of 'Tag', right? It's a game to pass the time in the playground when you're a kid, but it can get pretty intense sometimes - with your friends leaping hedges, dodging and rolling around in their desperation to not be tagged. However, I'm pretty sure I never took the game as seriously as these guys have.

One Scot has been playing a game like this that spans multiple countries. Yet, even though he was used to playing the game on an international level, he was taken by surprise to find one of his friends flew thousands of miles just to tell him: "You're it!"

Drew McEwan was at his niece's christening at Loch Lomond when his friend Georgina pulled the prank, after making the 4,000-mile trip from North Carolina that morning. They had both been playing the game since 2014, alongside eight others, after meeting by chance in China.

Georgina arranged to win one over on him with the help of his siblings, keeping it all under wraps until last Friday. Speaking to the Daily Record, Drew said:

“My brother and sister had been planning it for months with Georgina behind my back. They even picked her up at the airport that morning. I’ve never felt so betrayed by my own flesh and blood.”

You can watch the incredible moment in the video below:

Georgina said in her Facebook post that she was thankful to his sister Angela for "allowing me to ruin a cherished family occasion," adding "Sorry Drewbds, you are now... IT".. “I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Georgina," Drew explained. "You have to just tag and run, you can’t stay and chat."

“To top Georgina’s tag, my one will need to be captured on video, I’ll need to have a great costume and it will need to involve international travel. I’m not telling a soul what I’m planning though. I’ll need to keep it as much as a surprise as Georgina did with me.”

Good luck topping this prank!