'World's most identical twins' who spent $250,000 on plastic surgery debut their new 'natural' look

'World's most identical twins' who spent $250,000 on plastic surgery debut their new 'natural' look

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are identical twins, but they've gone further than anyone else to live up to that expectation. The 33-year-old sisters from Perth have reportedly spent $250,000 on procedures, including breast implants and lip fillers, all towards the goal of making themselves look as similar as possible.

This has led to get the nickname "the world's most identical twins."

The pair once had 14 beauty procedures over a two week period, but now in an interview with New Idea, they've revealed that they're going to reverse various treatments in search of a more natural appearance.

“We honestly don’t know why we did all of that stuff to ourselves,” Anna told New Idea. "We regret a lot of things, and if we could go back in time, we would do things a lot differently."

"The more popular we got, the more haters we had, and we were getting called everything from ‘plastic Barbie dolls’ to ‘fish lips.’ We wanted the biggest everything — particularly lips. We loved the look and feel of big lips. Now we realize they were too big.

“They stood out too much and were disproportionate to the rest of our faces. We were trying to follow a trend but we went too far.

“People would also call us plastic, saying we’d overdone it and now we’re admitting, we did.”

Two years ago, the twins lost their jobs working with the elderly at a nursing home and hated how they looked, apparently considering putting an end to it all. “We didn’t like what we’d done to ourselves and it felt like we had a monster in our brains," Anna added. “We thought that people thought we were gross.”

Now, doctors prescribed anti-depressants, leading to a major change in attitude for the girls, who now say they are beginning to accept who they were. They've decided to ditch their hair and lash extensions, fillers and tattoed liner leading to a far different look. “We feel like we look 20 years old now,” Anna said.

In addition to this, the twins have attracted more controversy for their personal life - in which they are both dating the same man, Ben, and sharing the same bed.

"We would like to have babies with Ben," they previously shared in a video, before detailing how they want to get pregnant at the same time:

"Oh my God, just imagine if you got pregnant... and I didn't get pregnant. But imagine if we did get pregnant at the same time. At the end of the day, that's not really a call we can make. And that's when nature comes in I think."

"We know there's a lot of people out there thinking "what the f***" but at the end of the day, it's our bodies, it's our life.

"You've just got to respect our choices. We want to have babies with the same man and we want to get married with the same man."

In this latest interview, they have claimed that they are turning away from facial injections such as botox, and hoping to reverse the microblading on their brows and their tattooed lip liner.

"We've learned from our mistakes," Anna said. “We’re more confident, and happily look people in the eyes now.”