Meghan Markle had a savage response to being asked if she's watching the new season of 'Suits'

Meghan Markle had a savage response to being asked if she's watching the new season of 'Suits'

"Did you see what happened last night on Suits?!" That's a question I've never heard anyone ask before. However, somebody must watch the USA legal drama, since it's been on the air for eight seasons. According to IMDB, it's not about tailoring: "On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers."

That synopsis sounds exciting, but we all know the most famous thing about Suits: It starred the future Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Last May the American actress married Prince Harry, whom we recently learned had a teenage crush on Halle Berry. What can we say? He likes African-American actresses. Anyway, Meghan and Harry's royal wedding was stunning. Several of her Suits co-stars attended, and millions of jealous viewers watched her become a real-life princess. Or duchess. Whatever, same difference.

Now Meghan and Harry have started their duties as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Mostly by going to events and saying, "Hi, we're the Duke and Duchess of Sussex." We've watched Meghan get a new dog, suffer a wardrobe malfunction and struggle to understand arcane royal rules. But there's one question on the tip of everyone's tongue: Has she watched Suits since leaving the show?!

During an engagement interview, Meghan opened up about leaving the series after seven seasons: "It's a new chapter, right? I’ve been working on [Suits] for seven years. We were very, very fortunate to have that sort of longevity on a series. I’ve ticked this box, and I feel very proud of the work I’ve done there, and now it’s time to work with [Harry] as a team."

Viewers of Suits - assuming they exist - know that Meghan's character got married to Patrick J. Adam's character. The on-screen wedding was a send-off for both actors, with Katherine Heigl joining the cast in season eight to help take their place.

So, how did season eight compare to the previous seven? I don't know, because I don't watch the show. And guess what? Neither does Meghan! On Monday, the Duke and Duchess attended the Coach Core Awards at Loughborough University. According to People, they chatted with 20-year-old identical twins Luke and Elliott Rainbird, whom they had previously met at another social outing. The twins asked Meghan if she watched the new season of Suits, and she reportedly "said no before turning the conversation back to Coach Core." (Ouch. Savage.)

Well, to be fair, not every actor watches their own show, even while they're still on it. And Meghan's got a busy schedule these days. She has to go to fancy events, practice her British accent, and make sure her outfits don't piss off the Queen. Her calendar is booked, yo. And we're living in the Golden Age Of Television - why watch Suits, when you can watch Better Call Saul, Atlanta or The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Don't feel bad, Meghan. We never watched Suits either.