People are slamming Meghan Markle for 'putting on' a British accent in new video

People are slamming Meghan Markle for 'putting on' a British accent in new video

It wasn't long after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married that people began accusing her of developing a British accent, with many social media users calling her out on it in June, just a month after the nuptials.

So, had the American royal given up her softly-spoken Los Angeles accent in favour of Received Pronunciation that easily?

It seemed unlikely. Upon closer inspection, a video of the new Duchess greeting the crowds in Cheshire during her royal tour with Queen Elizabeth II appeared to reveal that, while she did have a few Englishisms in her accent - heard through keywords and phrases such as "thank you" and "oh my goodness" - she most definitely still sounded American.

However, now that the former Suits star has lived in London for four months, the accusation that she has begun to sound more British has come back around again. This time, ITV new documentary named Queen of the World is the show to spark the new rumours.

The program, which reportedly offers a brand new look into the Queen and her role as a figure on the global stage, features Meghan's first major interview since joining the royal family.

In one memorable scene, she is reunited with her Givenchy wedding gown and discusses the "something blue" she wore, as well as the 53 flowers sewn into her veil, a surprise for Prince Harry on their wedding day.

Yet, rather than focus on her beautiful wedding dress, some fans were too busy scrutinising every word that came out of her mouth, with many soon concluding that the LA-born royal had officially gone British.

Well, marrying an English person, moving over to London and spending all of your time surrounded by his friends and family was bound to take effect somehow, right?

However, many people online didn't see things this way and began slamming the Duchess, claiming she was "putting it on". "I feel like The duchess of Sussex(Meghan) is putting on an accent," wrote Twitter user @TaylorByron206.

Another social media user going by the name of @mattyaloud agreed, commenting: "#QueenOfTheWorld Ahh Meghan gotta say it world class actress to pull of the feat that she does actually think she’s royalty the plumby accent is almost complete", while a third likened the alleged change in her accent to Madonna's back in the mid-2000s, putting "Meghan's developed a case of Madonna's Accent Change  #QueenOfTheWorld".

So, does Meghan sound different? Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, but perhaps the real question is this: so?

After hearing the uproar about the American actress' pronunciation of words, many people on social media jumped to defend her, questioning whether it was actually true and whether it actually mattered.

And, you know what? They have a fantastic point. Perhaps people online should lay off and give Meghan a break for once!