Family claims stranger hacked their baby monitor to watch their 3-year-old daughter

Family claims stranger hacked their baby monitor to watch their 3-year-old daughter

A Seattle family has claimed their daughter's baby monitor was hacked after she heard voices coming from it.

They concluded that the hacker had likely spoken to their child, but most disturbingly of all, had access to footage of the three-year-old in her crib. The revelation was made to K5 News by parents Jo and John, who requested their last names remain anonymous.

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"[My daughter] said the 'voice is talking to me,'" Jo told the news outlet. "I said, 'the voice is talking to you, what’s going on?' And she said the man said, 'Jayden, I love you.' And I said, 'What?'"

At first, the parents assumed that their daughter had simply heard someone outside talking - then they noticed that the camera had seemingly moved of its own accord and was no longer pointing down at the crib.

"I instantly wanted to throw up, my heart was in my throat," Jo explained.

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The parents admitted that they never heard the voice, but that the details of their daughter's story did not change. What did, however, was the camera, which frequently changed to what they described as "odd resets."

The only adult who claims to have heard the voice is John's mother. However, she didn't think twice about what she was hearing.

"Someone was in our daughter's room, basically watched her," Jo said. "And I don't know what all they saw, what they got from that. Is it the fear alone they're enjoying? It's just so unsettling to not know."

The parents subsequently researched the camera brand and apparently discovered that it had been associated with multiple hackings.

A webcam. Credit: PA Images

"Here's a $50 camera that has glowing reviews, because it's a good camera and an affordable option," Jo explained. "Like, how many families are going to get this camera that's not secure? And that's just really upsetting. How could this happen to anyone?"

A representative from Fredi, the camera brand, has not yet commented on the incident, though Fox News requested comment.