Florida man wakes up to find stranger sucking his toes

Florida man wakes up to find stranger sucking his toes

A Florida man woke up to find a stranger sucking his toes.

The bizarre incident took place on Christmas Eve - the one night of the year where it's supposed to be acceptable for a stranger to break an entering, provided, of course, that they are dressed in a red suit with gold buckles and have a long, white beard.

However, instead of waking up to see Mr. Claus himself stuck in his chimney, or munching away on a mince pie, this Florida man woke to a total stranger sucking his toes, Orlando station WKMG TV reports.

This woman was accused of being a witch because of her extra fingers and toes: 

According to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, as per Yahoo! News, the intruder told the man that he had broken an entering for one reason and one reason only: to "suck toes".

A police report obtained by local station WTSP revealed that the man immediately told the intruder that he did not have any cash. In response, the intruder told him that he wasn't there for cash, but to "suck toes".

The alleged toe-sucker then proceeded to attack the man's genitals, according to the Bradenton Herald, and informed the victim that he was in possession of a gun.

A man's feet. Credit: Pexels

The victim was able to force the intruder out of his home unassisted and said that he never saw any evidence of the toe-sucker actually having a firearm.

As the assailant left, he fled through a window and smashed his car windscreen as he ran from the property.

Deputies subsequently took DNA samples from the victim's toes in a bid to identify the man using police dogs, but their attempts were unsuccessful.

The investigation continues.

However, as any reader of the news will attest. Bizarre incidents and Florida are seemingly a match made in Heaven. Earlier today, we reported the story of a Florida woman who threatened to get McDonald's dipping sauce "by any means necessary".