Mom stunned after opening loaf of bread to find it's just full of crusts

Mom stunned after opening loaf of bread to find it's just full of crusts

For 41-year-old Timea Ganji, it started off like any ordinary morning as she opened a loaf of bread to make sandwiches for her children's school lunches.

That all changed, however, when she made the discovery of every crust-hating person's nightmares - the entire loaf was full of them. And that's no exaggeration.

There weren't just a couple more crusts than usual in the packet of Kingsmill - there were only crusts! Dun dun dun!!!

It turns out that packaging errors aren't all that uncommon. Remember when Kraft foods were forced to issue a recall for 96,000 pounds of hot dogs for mistakenly containing cheese?

"It's not funny first thing in the morning when you have half an hour to get the kids to school and there's no time to get another loaf," Ganji told the BBC.

"It just looked like a normal loaf when we bought it," the mother from Radcliffe-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire recalled.

"Because of the yellow packaging, you can't see it properly. You can see it's sliced, but you couldn't see it is all just crusts. Then, in the morning, I just wanted some toast and to make sandwiches and I was just staring at it. I don't really understand how it can happen."

bread with crusts Credit: Facebook / Timea Ganji

The mother-of-two was so baffled by the loaf that she posted photos of it to Facebook, prompting friends to share methods in which to use the crusts and old wives' tales about the benefits of eating them.

"Maybe I'd like curly hair but I don't want a hairy chest," Ganji then added. "I don't mind eating them. I love baguettes with butter on them, or an end of sourdough or tiger bread, but these ends are not as tasty.

"You can't make sandwiches with them and the kids won't eat them."

Kingsmill have since announced that they are investigating "to find out how this particular collection of crusts found its way into Mrs Ganji's shopping."

They also said they had sent Ganji a "more conventional loaf".