Ariana Grande reveals her reaction to Justin Bieber engagement news in now-deleted tweet

Ariana Grande reveals her reaction to Justin Bieber engagement news in now-deleted tweet

In the past few weeks, the celebrity gossip gods have blessed us with not one, but two shock celebrity engagements. What a time to be alive!

First up on the agenda, we had Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson who shook fans by becoming betrothed after only a few weeks of dating. Their upcoming nuptials spurred all sorts of online reactions - mostly shock and outrage, with a few congratulations thrown in for good measure - and an all-round media circus. But we hadn't seen anything yet.

The announcement of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's engagement practically defined the phrase "breaking the internet", and fans out there are still shaken, keeping their eyes sharply peeled for any new developments.

One person who's tired of the pandemonium surrounding celebrity marriages though? Ariana Grande. Her impending union with Pete Davidson has been largely compared to Justin and Hailey's, with people speculating that both were publicity stunts orchestrated by their shared manager, and many citing the fact that both couples seemed to be together a short amount of time before popping the question as evidence.

However, the One Last Time singer made it clear that she had had enough with online conspiracy theories, taking to Twitter to defend herself, as well as her and Justin's shared manager, Scooter Braun.

The drama started when Twitter user @_sexualgrande wrote a tweet that read: "First ariana get engaged to pete Davidson and now Justin bieber to hailey Bladwin the devil works hard but Scooter Braun works harder [sic]."

Not having any of it, Ariana replied stating " do realise we are human beings who love and have lives...right...? and that Scooter is a wonderful human being too who cares first n foremost ab our health and happiness ? love is lit. shit happens. i hope to god it happens to you too. u deserve it. [sic]"

Soon after, the No Tears Left To Cry songstress deleted her angry tweet and wrote a slightly tamer one, telling fans to "be nice" to Braun. It read: "Okay nice to that man. he's wonderful. and very human. always puts his artists' health and happiness first."

Speedy engagements are not the only thing to link Ariana and Pete with Justin and Hailey. Fans and the media have also been busy comparing the two engagement rings, with some pointing out that neither Justin or Pete scrimped on the all-important piece of jewellery.

Social media users caught the first glimpse of US model Hailey's ring in a post from Twitter user @azymanzur, which showed the 21-year-old standing next to her 24-year-old beau and wearing some serious bling on her wedding ring finger. The post was captioned: "well my friend just met justin bieber and hailey baldwin in the bahamas and she is wearing a ring".

Speaking to TMZ, an insider revealed how exactly the couple got engaged, claiming: "The two women who say they saw the engagement go down claim it was at a resort in the Bahamas. ‘They say everyone was at a restaurant on the property doing salsa dancing when Justin’s security told everyone to put their phones away, because something special was about to happen. They say Justin then proposed in front of everyone."

Despite the disappointing snarky online reaction, we hope both Justin and Hailey, and Ariana and Pete, are enjoying being newly-engaged and look forward to the weddings.