Fans are convinced Ariana Grande is pregnant after she drops new music video

Fans are convinced Ariana Grande is pregnant after she drops new music video

By this point in time, you must have heard about Ariana Grande's shock engagement to Pete Davidson.

The singer stunned millions of fans when she accepted a ring from the SNL cast member last month after roughly just a month of dating, and at the time, dozens of conspiracy theories began to fly around as to why the engagement was so speedy.

Was Ariana rushing into things? Was it all a publicity stunt originating from her manager Scooter Braun? Was Ariana pregnant? Were the couple actually just genuinely in love? No one knew the pair personally, but everyone had an opinion on the matter and they were willing to discuss it extensively with anyone and everyone.

Within a few weeks, the rumours died down slightly and the pair were left in semi (but not really) peace. That was until the One Last Time songstress dropped the music video for her new track God is a Woman.

The new music video was nothing short of mesmerising and saw Ariana seductively dance around the universe, sending out a clear message of female empowerment to everyone watching. However, one particular part has caused the rumour mill to start up once again, with fans claiming that the star is pregnant with Pete's baby.

The moment in the video that fans are claiming reveals 'the truth' sees Ariana cradling what appears to be a pregnancy bump while sitting in a bed of flowers and singing to the camera.

Immediately after the video was released, hundreds of fans took to social media to discuss the matter. "OMFG R U PREGNANT ARIANA?" Twitter user @sarahpan888 wrote, while fellow user @arianators_go tweeted the Side to Side singer herself to pose the question, putting: "Hey @ArianaGrande I noticed in your giaw music video that you had a pregnancy part. Spill the tea sister, are you pregnant?"

Nonetheless, not everyone was in agreement, with other people pointing out that just because the star was 'pregnant' for a brief second in the video, it didn't mean she was in real life. "Everyone is saying @ArianaGrande is pregnant b/c of her video. I didn’t take it that way. I feel like the entire video was a representation of what women go through. You know, being able to give the gift of life, all the obstacles we face. Female empowerment. I’m here for it!" wrote @EllieGSanchez.

She was joined by @bolcanask who defended the pop star, writing: "y’all really out here thinking @ArianaGrande is pregnant because of the lyrics 'if you confess you might get blessed' mean that if she ends up getting married it could happen in the future. women creating human life is amazing; the song is about female empowerment."

There has been no word from Ariana herself about the meaning of the God is a Woman video, however, she did shoot down rumours of pregnancy just last month when one follower asked her if she was having a shot-gun wedding to cover up a baby being on the way.

Instead of blatantly denying it the gossip, she instead retweeted a fan's version of her Sweetener cover, which saw her rolling her eyes, writing: "Mood for the next few years til i'm actually ready #fertilequeen".

So, what do you think? Is Ariana trying to tell us something, or is the rumour mill simply working overtime?