John Stamos is being ridiculously dad-shamed after posting a photo with his three-month-old son

John Stamos is being ridiculously dad-shamed after posting a photo with his three-month-old son

If you're a fan of John Stamos, you'll know that the Full House actor has wanted children for a long time now.

When he joked that his "ovaries were rattling" back in 2015, we were all rooting for him to seal the deal and show us some beautiful Stamos offspring. Then, finally in 2018, the Born to Ride actor's dream became a reality. In April, John and his 32-year-old wife Caitlin McHugh welcomed their newborn son Billy Stamos into the world - and what a beauty he was.

However, when it comes to celebrity babies, there is one inevitable thing that always follows: parent shaming. Unfortunately, John was the victim of this trend only recently when he uploaded a picture of himself holding his son in Times Square, New York. Captioning the image "The Stamos boys take Manhattan", the My Big Fat Greek Wedding star got nearly 210,000 likes on his post, but also received dozens of comments from people who insisted he wasn't holding his baby correctly.

"He is absolutely adorable, but he is way too young/little to be forward-facing in a baby carrier," one follower wrote. "You need one where baby’s tummy is against your tummy. My almost 10-month-old is still in a baby carrier where his tummy against my tummy."

Another commented saying "He's too young to comfortably and safely be worn forward facing! His little hips are not ready!" while a fellow Instagram user claimed "The baby must go head to chest with you. That’s the wrong way carrying him because his back suffers."

Of course, the new dad was not without his supporters. Fans jumped in to defend him  Instagram user @colombia45 wrote directly to one person who was criticising him, saying "@septembermommy16 shup try looking at other countries and see how people carry their children. Even in baskets. Lol [sic]", while angelcat39 commented saying "Adorable...and his carrier is perfectly fine and he is just fine facing forward. Ignore the sanctimommies. [sic]"

Others pointed out that, rather than slamming the actor for his decisions in fatherhood, people should instead celebrate that he was finally a baby daddy. "John how long have you waited to say that. His so cute god bless? [sic]" wrote Instagram user @featherstonealesia.

It's certainly true that the 54-year-old has waited years to have kids and has spoken out before about struggling to find the perfect woman to have them with. "I hope [to have kids]," the musician said back in 2017 about his hopes to start a family. "That's always been my plan. It's just taken me a lot longer than I anticipated. It would be a tragedy if I didn't have children and I finally found the right woman -- the perfect woman."

We're so glad that the actor has finally found the ideal partner to share his life with, we wish them all the best with baby Billy!