Woman inadvertently sets up two strangers on a plane and the story is everything

Woman inadvertently sets up two strangers on a plane and the story is everything

How often do you actually like the stranger sitting next to you on a plane? Almost never, that's how often. Okay, they might be a sweet old lady who chats to you about her garden, or a couple who keeps the PDA to a minimum and let you have the window seat, but how often do you seriously like them? And how often do you end up dating them?

That's exactly what happened recently when a young woman inadvertently set two strangers up on a plane. Rosey Blair was on a flight home on Monday night when she realised her and her boyfriend were sitting on different aisles. Asking a woman to switch seats with her, when she agreed, they joked together that the man the woman was moving to sit next to would be the love of her life. Little did either of them know...

Luckily for everyone, Rosey live-tweeted the whole fabulous encounter, so, get yourself comfortable, maybe grab a glass of wine, and prepare yourself for the love story of the century.

As soon as the mystery woman switched seats, things got off to a flying start, with her and her new buddy beginning to flirt and talk about all of the things they had in common. Needless to say, Rosey and her boyfriend were thrilled.

Soon, it seemed that almost everyone on the plane was rooting for them, with one young toddler waving at them continually. "The baby senses the love. I can't make this sh*t up," wrote Rosey.

Keeping a close eye on all of the subtle arming touchings that were going on, Rosey and her boyfriend speculated that the mystery man may buy his new lady love a drink. Being the health buffs they were, the pair decided to share a cheese protein board and were soon after sharing family photos.

By this point in the plane ride, Rosey's tweets had gathered thousands of avid followers, who were just as keen to see the two get together as she was.

After taking a trip to the bathroom together, the loved-up strangers were overheard discussing what they wanted out of life. The real talk had begun, and the plane had roughly half an hour to go. There were 30 minutes for the pair to seal the deal.

Then, all of a sudden, things got serious:

And the theory that social media makes your relationships official was only perpetuated when the couple walked off together at the airport.

So, what happened to them? After some internet sleuthing, Rosey's boyfriend - a top class stalker by the sound of it - found the pair's Instagram accounts, and discovered that they were both single and both based in Dallas, Texas.

To finish off her tweets and sum things up, Rosey simply stated: "They're gonna fall in love, and get married, and have babies!"

Could we be hearing wedding bells for this mystery couple soon? We sure hope so! Good luck to the loved-up pair, and well done to Rosey and her boyfriend for their fantastic live-tweeting!