A 20-year-old woman is making the headlines for tattooing the KFC logo on her lip

A 20-year-old woman is making the headlines for tattooing the KFC logo on her lip

A 20-year-old woman is looking for free food from KFC after she tattooed the KFC logo on her bottom lip, saying she's a big fan of the fried chicken emporium.

Tabatha Andrade, from Melbourne in Australia, was discussing getting body art inked on her body with her parents, and they had a warning for the young woman: to only get something tattooed on her that was "deeply meaningful and important" to her.

KFC Credit: Getty

To that end, Tabatha waited until the perfect moment, and on November of 2018, she had an idea. Deciding suddenly to go under the needle, she got a tribute to KFC: the fast food chain that makes her "happier than anything else in the world".

"I was on holidays up in Queensland when the urge just suddenly came to me, and I decided to finally do it. KFC is my favourite fast food. I go there at least once a week, if not more. It does mean a lot to me, so it seemed fitting to get this tattoo. I really love chicken. All my friends call me the chicken connoisseur. I even named my dog 'nugget', because I’m obsessed with chicken nuggets."

KFC Tattoo Credit: Tabatha Andrade

Tabatha also has a tattoo that says "family", but reveals that the KFC tattoo is her favourite one. She said she got the idea for a lip tattoo from Kylie Jenner, and although it looks like it might be agony, Tabatha says that getting the ink didn't hurt at all.

She says that although she didn't get the tattoo for that express purpose, she would not be averse to getting free food from KFC, should the situation arise.

"The tattoo artist laughed so hard when I told him what I wanted. It didn’t hurt at all. It only took about two minutes. I love the shock I get from people when I pull down my lip and show them. It’s always so funny. It would be awesome if they gave me free KFC because of it. Let’s see what happens."

KFC Tattoo Credit: Tabatha Andrade

While KFC are well-known for outlandish marketing stunts, they have not yet ventured into the realm of tattoos - but there is a fast food chain that has already bridged that particular gap. Domino's Pizza out in Russia had the idea to give free pizza to anybody who got a tattoo of their logo on their body, but it backfired hilariously.

Domino's Russia were forced to cancel their free pizza promotion after five days when they were inundated with tattoos of their logo; instead, the company revealed via social media site VKontakte that only the first 350 tattoos would earn free pizza for life.

"An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artist’s right now: We’ll include you in the list of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today. To those with appointments scheduled for later, we recommend canceling them."

Tabatha Andrade may still end up with free food as a result of her body ink, but either way, she appears satisfied. "I have absolutely no regrets. It’s my favourite tattoo," she said.