Diner charged customer extra for 'stupid question', receipt shows

Diner charged customer extra for 'stupid question', receipt shows

There's no doubt that, when you're eating out, being handed the cheque at the end is the least fun part of the dining experience. Nobody likes to have to fork over their credit card and pay for all the sides and drinks they spurged out on at a restuarant.

Yet worse than the bill itself is the possibility that you might be charged extra for an arbitrary reason, or that you might actually be personally insulted by the waiting staff.

An image of the offensive cheque. Credit: Reddit/humblemangoes

If you want an example of this kind of occurrence, then look no further than the following image of a cheque, which has gone viral on social media this week.

The image of the cheque in question was posted to the Subreddit r/me_irl, after the customer who received it was allegedly charged extra by the establishment for asking a 'stupid question.'

The Redditor, who goes by the handle 'humblemangoes', shared a picture of the bill, which he had received at Tom's Diner in Denver in Colorado. He'd allegedly been charged $2.99 for a side of mashed potatoes, $9.00 for a basket of chicken tenders, and a further 38 cents for their unknown inquiry.

Recently, this customer claims a cheque told a fry-cook to spit in his burger: 

However, this isn't the first time we've reported on a customer being hurt by remarks written on their cheque. Back in June of last year, a man who ate at Houston's Plush Daiquiri Bar & Grill was given a receipt that allegedly told his server that his food was to "go dude with dreads fat gay."

The customer in question later told a  local news station: "That's like stereotyping, for her to not even know and say fat, gay and this and that ... I don't even know her, she don't know me."

Meanwhile, restaurant owner Marcus Barlow stated: "It was just her way of describing him. It wasn't anything against him or anything personal. It was her way of referencing back who to deliver the food to."