Fury as stag party pays homeless man to get tattoo of groom's name on his forehead

Fury as stag party pays homeless man to get tattoo of groom's name on his forehead

A stag party is usually one of the messiest nights out you'll ever experience. After all, for many grooms, it's a celebration of the end of their hedonistic, irresponsible life and the beginning (hopefully) of many happy years shared with their loving spouse. Because of this, they can usually get pretty wild. Take a group of men to Vegas for the weekend, off on vacation to a sun-kissed beach, or camping in the middle of the woods, then load them up with enough alcohol to give a herd of elephants a hangover, and you've got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Some of the antics of lads on stag parties have become legendary, and almost all of these shenanigans have been extremely ill-advised. But what happens when they go too far? What's meant to be an excuse for men to cut loose and enjoy themselves can often turn ugly after a certain point, and degenerate into violence, debauchery, or worse. Recently, a stag party provoked severe outrage and condemnation when the group of men exploited a homeless man they encountered on the streets for the sake of their own entertainment.

The British stag party, which was holidaying in Spain, left social media users shocked after they paid a local homeless man 100 euros ($117) to tattoo the groom's name on his forehead. The mob of men allegedly found the man begging, and convinced him to have the words: "Jamie Blake, North Shields, NE28" inked on his own face. The Polish man, whose name is apparently Tomek, can be seen in the image below smiling and giving the peace sign to the camera. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish the procedure as it was too painful for him. Hardly surprising, since the forehead is one of the most painful parts of the body to tattoo.

When the tattoo parlour responsible for the stunt uploaded a snap of the incident to social media, the backlash was immediate and vocal. One person commented: "Inhumane and utterly embarrassed to be British. Equally disgusted that the tattoo parlour allowed this to go ahead. I hope they do rectify this as much as they can for this guy, and I hope the idiotic men who carried out this inhumane attack are punished by the authorities," while another added: "Disgusting behaviour ... they should be charged, every one of them and made to pay for sessions of removal!"

As a result of the controversy, Karen Malin Cowles, the president of the Benidorm British Business Association, strongly condemned the exploitative stunt, stating: "What they have done to this man is utterly inhuman and akin to abuse. I'm appalled that a group of grown men would take advantage of someone in such a vulnerable position. They have left a human being scarred for the rest of his their life." According to Cowles, a number of local businesses are currently considering the idea of paying for Tomek to have the tattoo removed.