Guy finally manages to pull off savage Facebook burn that was six years in the making

Guy finally manages to pull off savage Facebook burn that was six years in the making

As philosophers and your mom always say: "Rome wasn't built in a day". Sometimes, a really good thing takes a really long time to happen. Even the most talented artists spend hundreds (if not thousands) of hours practicing their craft, while just bringing new life into the world requires nine months or so of sacrifice and suffering.

With that being said, there's nothing more satisfying than watching all of that hard work pay off in the best possible way, and that goes double for the wonderful world of pranks. Anybody can put clingfilm over a toilet seat or swap out somebody's sugar for salt, but the legendary, unforgettable pranks take months, if not years, of slow preparation.

Case in point, these two men with average surnames, who crossed paths for an amazing joke. Brian Best is the man behind the satirical blog The Very Best of Me, along with the serious mental health blog entitled My Best Self, and he used his surname to play a ridiculously funny prank on a man with an unfortunate surname.

When Brian Best sent a friend request out to Brian Worst all the way back in 2012, he probably forgot about it very quickly as he went about his day. Brian started two blogs; one on his hilarious increasingly futile efforts to get a hobby, the other, where he talks candidly about his depression:

"Depression does a great job of convincing oneself that nobody else cares. Don’t allow your friend to fall into this illusion of isolation. Make your presence and care impossible to ignore by being compassionately and consistently there for them.

Depression also has a knack for stripping an individual of their sense of self. Don’t let your friend lose sight of the beautiful qualities that stick out so prominently to yourself and others. Remind them that they’re loved, but not only that, remind them why they’re loved."

All the while, Brian Best's friend request for Brian Worst gathered dust in the latter's Facebook profile. That is, until July 4, previously known as Independence Day for the United States. But from July 4 2018 onwards, it shall be known as the day that the Battle of the Brians kicked off.

Yep. That's all Brian Best wanted to do: exercise his superiority over Brian Worst, writing a very, very simple message. No less hilarious for its simplicity, though. "Friend request had been idling in his inbox for like 6 years, but alas, I am finally able to conduct the sickest burn in American history. they will turn today into a holiday," said Brian Best, and his tweet went viral earlier this week, picking up 358,000 likes in the process.

After accepting the friend request, Brian Worst might have been a little bit confused to get that message, but Brian Best explained that it was all in good fun, and now the two Brians were friends.

I don't know about you, but Brian Best's joke is better for having been sitting around for six years, aged like a fine wine. And he's inspired other people with similar surnames to carry out similar pranks: