Teenager loses license 49 minutes after passing his driving test

Teenager loses license 49 minutes after passing his driving test

When you're a teenager, you can't wait to get your driver's license. Finally, you no longer have to beg your parents for a ride, or pedal your bike around town like a little kid. You have the freedom to go wherever you want, while blasting your favorite music. And if you're dating someone, you have a private space to...you know...have heartfelt talks about your relationship. (What? What did you think I would say?)

Yes, getting a driver's license is a major event, so there's a lot of pressure on teenagers the day of the test. Every mistake they make will be noticed by the cruel, merciless instructors. If they screw up too many times, they'll fail, and have to take the humiliating walk of shame home without a license. Sure, they can reschedule for another day, but it's embarrassing. (Especially when friends text, "Hey, how did your driving test go?")

Well, no matter how bad your first driving test went, be glad you're not this teenager from Germany. In the town of Hemer, an 18-year-old boy passed his driving test, and picked up some pals to go for a celebratory cruise. 49 minutes later, a patrol officer pulled him over for speeding. His radar gun clocked the novice driver going 59mph, in a district where the speed limit was 31mph.

According to the BBC, the teenager will be banned from the road for at least four weeks. Police say he can only his driver's license back after "expensive retraining." Once he gets his license restored, he will face a "hefty fine" of $227, and his probationary period will be increased from two years to four. If he was trying to impress his friends by driving fast, that certainly backfired. "Some things last forever...some not even an hour," tweeted the Märkischer Kreis Police Department.

German police pulled over 18-year-old Credit: Facebook

Well, speeding German teenager, if you'd like to score some petty revenge, maybe you should read the story of Daniel Parker. After taking about 80 lessons with his instructor, Clive, Daniel scheduled his driving test. However, four days before the test, Clyde canceled, saying, "We can't fix the problems and issues in a few days!" The 19-year-old Corby college student was furious, because booking the test was expensive, and he felt like he was ready.

So, Daniel scheduled the driving test with a different instructor and passed. Unwilling to let bygones be bygones, he sent a savage text message to his old instructor:  a photo of himself flicking off the camera, while holding his driving certificate. The text read, "F--k you Clive and your reputation should’ve let me do the test ya bald c--t.”

Savage text message to old driving instructor Credit: Daniel Parker

Just imagine, speeding German teenager, you could send a similar text message to the patrol officer who pulled you over! Actually, now that I've typed that out, it sounds like a horrible idea. Don't do that. You'll just to take the punishment, and patiently wait for the day you can reacquire sweet freedom.