Woman brilliantly turns the tables on man trying to film her in a public bathroom

Woman brilliantly turns the tables on man trying to film her in a public bathroom

It's a fact that most of us try to put out of our minds most of the time, but also one that is unfortunately true: creepy people exist, and they could be around us at pretty much any moment.

Of course, I don't want to scaremonger here - and it's highly unlikely that your favourite colleague or friendly next-door neighbour is anything other than what they seem - but there are folks out there who get off on things that the vast majority of us would consider to be weird at the best of times, and downright wrong at the worst.

Just last week, one woman in Australia found this out first-hand when she caught a man attempting to film her while she used a public bathroom.

Jane, a 23-year-old woman from Australia, was using a public bathroom at Burleigh Heads, Queensland, on June 5th when she noticed something not quite right. While sat in the cubicle, she thought she caught something moving under the adjacent door. It was a phone.

Worried about her safety and privacy, she finished up as fast as she could and left the restroom.

"I quickly left and told my friend who was waiting outside," Jane wrote in a Facebook post.

Rather than flee the scene immediately, however, the young woman decided to turn the tables on the creep who had almost certainly been recording her.

"I went back in again and decided to film, in the hopes to have evidence and prove to myself I wasn’t being paranoid."

Sure enough, when Jane returned to the bathroom and entered the stall, she once again saw an object move under her stall - but this time she was ready to catch the person in the act. In a since-deleted video uploaded to Facebook, the 23-year-old caught the person holding their phone in the gap between her cubicle and the adjacent one, clearly angled so that the front-facing camera would record whoever was using the bathroom.

After confirming her suspicions, she immediately left the restroom - but the creeper had realised they were being filmed.

Here is the exact moment you can see the phone emerge under the stall:

After leaving the bathroom, Jane immediately called the police. Unfortunately, while she was in the bathroom, the man fled the scene. The woman and her friend tried to chase him down, but he got away before police arrived.

However, they were able to get an accurate description of him. He's believed to be a Caucasian man in his mid-thirties to forties and has a short, brown crew cut. At the time he was caught spying on women in the bathoom, he was wearing an orange hi-vis shirt, dirty jeans, and workboots.

"I honestly just feel disgusted by him and his behaviour and I hope that he will face the consequences," Jane later told 7News. 

She also left others with some advice after the traumatic experience: "Please be careful and aware of your surroundings - even if you think you're in the privacy of a toilet! It was by chance I saw him the first time and caught him on film the second time!"

Hopefully, the man will be caught soon.