Blake Lively left the cutest message for a fan who commented on her 'perfect' Instagram post

Blake Lively left the cutest message for a fan who commented on her 'perfect' Instagram post

A lot of the time, we have a tendency to think of celebrities as sort of non-human entities. And this is pretty easy to do, seeing as we only ever get to glimpse at their lives either through a TV screen or via the highly-airbrushed world of Instagram and other social media platforms.

Indeed, it's very rare that a celebrity will share enough of their lives with their fans for us to get a real idea of what they're truly like behind all the glitzy photo shoots and well-edited interviews. We know what they look like and how they sound and the sorts of things they get up to, sure - but who are they, really?

Well, if you want to find a celebrity who's totally open and down-to-earth when it comes to interacting with fans, look no further than Blake Lively.

Just recently, the actress caused a bit of an Instagram stir after shutting down trolls who tried to mock her dress sense, and she's made viral news countless times before thanks to her constant witty back-and-forth with her husband and fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds.

In this most recent social media interaction, however, Lively took a break from dropping sick burns on her husband and other trolls, and instead left an adorable message for a fan who complimented one of her most recent pictures.

The post in question was this one, a snap of her shoes and trousers with New York in the background:

It's not an especially spectacular picture by any means (and you can bet that if one of us normies posted it, it would probably only get two pity likes and a number of confused reactions) but, as per usual, tons of Lively's fans flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the actress.

"You're so beautiful," wrote one fan. "No matter where I see you I just can not look the other way ... you are so fantastic."

"I can’t even see above your knee and somehow you still look stunning," joked another.

But it was this comment that stood out to Lively for some reason: "Why is she so perfect? I literally wish I could be as cool as her."

And so the actress replied with this sweet response: "I was literally just saying the same thing about you this morning ?????"

This, inevitably, caused commenters to flood the pictures with even more compliments in the hopes that they, too, would get a special mention from the Gossip Girl star.

A quick skim through the comments seems to suggest that Lively didn't leave a response for anyone else - just the one lucky fan. Perhaps she did it deliberately, just to keep her other followers on their toes. Or maybe she just felt like spreading a random act of kindness to the first person she came across.

Either way, Blake Lively certainly made someone very happy with just a few words, and her fans love her for it.