Ex-wife of world's hottest felon is having massive Vegas bash to celebrate her divorce

Ex-wife of world's hottest felon is having massive Vegas bash to celebrate her divorce

Getting divorced can be a painful experience. You feel anger, guilt and despair - plus you get into nasty fights with your ex about money. However, getting divorced can also feel pretty awesome. You're free! The shackles of that broken, unhealthy relationship are tossed away. You throw a party to celebrate your wedding - why not throw a party to celebrate your divorce?

That's what Melissa Meeks is doing. In case you're not familiar, she's the ex-wife of Jeremy Meeks, aka the "hot felon." (Not to be confused with the "beefcake bandit.") In 2014, Jeremy was arrested, and his surprisingly sexy mugshot went viral. The former North Side Crip was convicted as a felon for grand theft and possession of a firearm. But thanks to his social media fame, he went on to become a model.

Anyway, Jeremy was married to Melissa, and they had one child together, Jeremy Jr. Then Jeremy left the family for Topshop heiress Chloe Green. Reportedly the two first met in May 2017, at the Cannes Film Festival, where Jeremy was modeling for Phillip Plein. A couple months, they were spotted kissing on a fancy yacht by the Turkish resort of Bodrum.

Melissa and Jeremy announced they were separating, and now their divorce has been finalized. According to TMZ, Meeks has been ordered to pay Melissa $1,000 per month in child support. The couple will share legal joint custody, but Melissa will have full custody. meaning she "will have their son 70 percent of the time, and Jeremy will have him 30 percent of the time."

Now that the drama is over, both Jeremy and Melissa have exciting announcements. Jeremy announced that he and Chloe have welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy named Jayden Meeks-Green. Earlier this month, the convict-turned-model said he couldn't be happier to be expecting a child with Chloe.

"I've never been in this place mentally, emotionally, physically, that I'm in right now. I've never been in such an amazing place ... Love means everything, everything to me. It's what keeps people alive, it's what keeps people going, to love and to be loved."

Not to be outdone, Melissa announced she's throwing a massive bash in Sin City to celebrate her divorce. (It's safe to say Jeremy and Chloe aren't invited.) On Instagram, she shared an advertisement for the party, saying she's "counting down the days." The cover art features the former Mrs. Hot Felon in skimpy black lingerie, with handcuffs dangling from one hand. The tagline, of course, is "From Ex-Con to Ex-Wife."

Melissa will host the event at the Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas on June 30. "Known for her open format style and her dynamic versality [sic], DJ Kay The Riot will set the mood for Meeks’ new single life with an electrifying performance," stated a news release for the party, according to Page Six.

Well, if your ex left you for someone, and they're expecting a child together, there's no better way to get over it than to throw a crazy party in Las Vegas! Party on, Melissa.