Logan Paul speaks out over claims that his fight with KSI was 'rigged'

Logan Paul speaks out over claims that his fight with KSI was 'rigged'

Last Saturday, Logan Paul and KSI - two veritable YouTube heavyweights - took to the boxing ring in order to see who was the bigger guy in real life.

The fight was much-anticipated, with fans of both stars hyping it up on social media for the weeks leading up to the match. Unfortunately, it all ended rather anticlimactically in a draw, but neither of the vloggers seemed too upset by it. And why would they? They each made an absolute killing out of ticket sales and sponsorship from the event.

Because of this, some fans have speculated that the match was a fix, and that KSI and Paul had agreed beforehand to end in a stalemate. That way, they'd make a killing out of it and have a chance to earn even more money during a rematch (which is currently scheduled for early 2019).

Unsurprisingly, Paul has vehemently denied this.

In a video put out on his channel, the 23-year-old said:

"Some people thought the fight was rigged. From the bottom of my heart, suck my a**.

"KSI and I put our hearts on the line, everything we had... we were warriors out there. Beating the s*** out of each other. We all worked so hard... for anyone to say that was fake – f*** you man."

He then went on to claim that reports about how much money he and his opponent had made were grossly exaggerated.

"Between all the expenses, on God, I am not just saying this, I am not 100% sure that I came out positive on this event. That means I’m not sure I made money on the event.

"The cost, unlike in normal boxing and pay-per-view events was not $100, it was $10. There was no official major sponsors, there were no Al Haymon cheques coming in, this was a couple of YouTubers doing this for your entertainment. Yes, we were trying to make money but I think we severely miscalculated the expenses. Examples including: 30 per cent of the revenue goes to YouTube, then I split the remainder with team KSI, then I split that with Jake [his brother] accordingly, then another 30 per cent goes to my management, lawyers, agents, everyone involved with my team.

"We paid for venues, our full time boxing coach, we flew everyone out to Manchester and provided them with lodging for like two weeks... I could go on and on and on."

However, Paul has undeniably profited from this in many ways. While he might not have earned quite as much money as originally thought, he has already caught the attention of the UFC, and it's almost certain that this match massively raised his public profile as a celebrity.

As always, then, Paul has found a way of getting himself involved in a spot of controversy. This time, it could be completely false, but - you have to admit - it does seem at least a little suspicious that neither Paul nor KSI were able to establish a win for themselves.

I guess we'll have to wait for the rematch to see how it really pans out.