People are baffled by new Nicki Minaj waxwork

People are baffled by new Nicki Minaj waxwork

Madame Tussauds have become infamous for unveiling waxworks which don't quite do their subjects justice. And it seems their latest victim is American rapper, Nicki Minaj.

Apparently, even with a sign, visitors at Madam Tussauds in Berlin are struggling to see how the waxwork is supposed to resemble Minaj.

The figurine was revealed in Germany yesterday (January 7th), and was apparently inspired by the singer's 2014 music video for her hit single, Anaconda. The waxwork was originally located in the Madame Tussauds museum in Las Vegas, where it stayed for four years, after which it was transported to Berlin... where it was greeted with a mixed reaction.

Sure, the waxwork artists placed Minaj in a jungle setting - like she is in the music video - and her outfit is pretty on point too, but it's safe to say that the face misses the mark.

People quickly took to social media to criticise the figure, with some going as far as to question whether the museum had even looked at a photograph of the musician.

"So I’m no expert, and I had to google pictures to make sure I was right, but has Madame Tussauds actually SEEN Nicki Minaj before?" wrote one Twitter user, while another corroborated "Madame Tussaud’s Germany is trying to convince the world this is Nicki Minaj Lol."

"This isn’t it... but nicki still remains the queen of rap! stream tusa to celebrate," added another. 

Others pointed out that this is not the first time that the longstanding institution has messed up on some finer facial points:

Well, it appears the people of Twitter have spoken - next time you try to replicate a rap legend, perhaps endeavour to take greater care.