'Most terrifying film of 2017' is now available to watch on Netflix

'Most terrifying film of 2017' is now available to watch on Netflix

If you happen to be a fan of the sort of movie that makes you flinch at every turn, break out in a cold (and profuse) sweat and triggers the worst nightmares you've ever had -  or, you know, just your typical horror movie - then you'll be pleased to know that the 'Most terrifying movie of 2017', It Comes At Night, is now available on Netflix.

The movie truly is agonising with its slow-build - the suspense always accumulating ever-so-gradually - never giving viewers the chance to expect its most heart-pounding plot lines.

Take a look at the movie's official trailer:

Starring Joel Edgerton (as Paul) and Riley Keough (as Sarah), the horror flick centres around a family who seclude themselves in their home deep in the woods when a highly contagious outbreak wreaks havoc on the world.

The couple and their son Travis (played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.) have no choice but to navigate life in the aftermath of this deadly virus which has seemingly wiped out a considerable portion of the world's population.

But it wouldn't be 2017's most anxiety-inducing film without its fair share of horrifying twists and turns as the family, intent on their survival, are forced to make a tough decision when another family shows up seeking help.

There are, however, plenty of viewers who - in spite of the film's status as 2017's most terrifying horror - thought the movie was actually pretty underwhelming and, dare I say, boring.

Their main criticism is that it's too much of a "slow-burner" to provoke the sort of anxiety-ridden reaction you'd expect from a viewer.

But opinions vary greatly in the world of cinema, and there were many other viewers who praised the movie for being "extremely creepy".

What you should know about the movie if you're thinking of watching it, is that it is very much a psychological horror - so if you're constantly on the lookout for gore, then you might be a little disappointed

In any case, the movie is now available to stream on Netflix, so give it a watch and decide for yourself if being dubbed 2017's most terrifying film was anywhere near the mark.