Netflix to release documentary series on the most haunted places in America

Netflix to release documentary series on the most haunted places in America

There's nothing quite like the paranormal to pique people's interests. There will always be a morbid curiosity when it comes to ghouls and ghosts - and that is only heightened when it's fact rather than fiction.

Now, Netflix is truly earning its $7.99 a month, as Variety has revealed that the online streaming giants are planning to release a new docuseries about some of the most haunted locations in America.

The unnamed series is guaranteed to have us all sleeping with the light on, as it has been described as a "gritty and meticulous study" of some of "America's most haunted locations". (That definitely won't stop me binging the entire thing in one night.)

And after incredible shows like 'The Confession Killer', we know Netflix can deliver 'gritty' very well:

The new series is one of two projects that Netflix has acquired from Imagine Entertainment -  Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's film and TV production studios - with the other being a new series about sexual abuse within the Catholic church (which I'm sure will once again play on our morbid curiosity).

Details on the project are currently thin on the ground, but we do know that Joe Berlinger - whose recent credits include Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes - will be directing the project.

Related - Just hours before being executed, Bundy gave this chilling interview:

We also have no idea what locations will be featured in the show - but we all know the States have plenty of places to choose from when it comes

Gabe Spitzer, director of original documentaries at Netflix, said: "The Imagine team have quickly built a first-rate division working with many of the industry's top documentary filmmakers.

"We're excited about the rich and compelling series coming to Netflix and look forward to sharing these with our members around the world."

The release date for the series is currently unknown, but I'm sure we'll all be marking it in our calendars (in blood) once it is announced.