New Netflix horror 'Eerie' has people sleeping with the lights on

New Netflix horror 'Eerie' has people sleeping with the lights on

Netflix has set a high bar for itself of late. With an array of impressive original programming, and a solid selection of classics, it's no wonder that most of us have stopped watching regular television.

One genre that the streaming service really seems to be honing in on, however, is horror. In fact, a recent release has been deemed so scary that people are saying that they couldn't sleep with the lights off after watching it. Produced in the Philippines, Eerie takes place at all-girls Catholic school, sta. Lucia Academy, when the unexpected death of a student named Erika shakes the student body.

Many girls start to claim that they're being haunted by Erika's ghost. This leads the school's guidance counselor Patricia (Bea Alonzo) to conduct her own investigation. Will she confirm suspicions about the borderline abusive Mother Alice (Charo Santos-Concio)? And seriously, what is the "monster" which has been lurking in the shadows of the school?

The film, which made its debut at Singapore International Film Festival in December of 2018, was released on Netflix in July. And the reviews have been glowing, with people taking to social media to say that they "screamed 3 times in 20 minutes" and were "forced to sleep with the lights on."

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Don't watch this one with the lights off, folks!