New Netflix horror 'Eli' is leaving people petrified and 'seeing demons out of the corners of their eyes'

New Netflix horror 'Eli' is leaving people petrified and 'seeing demons out of the corners of their eyes'

It's nearly Halloween, meaning that everyone is in the mood for scary movies, and that's when we all turn to Netflix to see what's on offer in the streaming services' library.

If you're a horror buff and have watched more scary movies than you've had hot dinners, then you might be looking for something fresh and original this year.  Instead of hockey-mask-wearing psychos and weird alien abductors, you might want to check out a scary movie you've never seen before.

Watch the terrifying trailer for Eli below: 

If that's the case then allow me to enlighten you about a new movie Netflix is releasing just in time for Halloween called Eli, which is apparently scaring people witless.

Eli, directed by Ciarán Foy and starring Stranger Things' Sadie Sink alongside Charlie Shotwell, is a movie about a little boy (the eponymous Eli) who suffers from extreme allergies that mean that he cannot have any contact with the outside world. Frustrated by having to live in quarantine, Eli and his parents week an experimental treatment from a doctor.

Take a look the trailer for another Netflix chiller In The Tall Grass: 

Eli goes through a traumatic and painful procedure in the hospital, which seemingly cures him of his allergies. But he is then plagued by terrifying visions and haunting experiences, with enigmatic spectres telling him that he's being lied to which lead him to question his entire life. The culminates in a mindscrewing twist ending, which we won't spoil for you here...

Another Twitter user wrote;

"I just watched Eli on Netflix and I SWEAR I'm seeing demons out of the corner of my eyes HELP."

This isn't the only new scary movie Netflix has on offer though: they've also released the sci-fi serial killer movie The Fractured, and the Stephen King short story adaptation In The Tall Grass, as part of their Netflix and Chills horror movie celebration.

Check out the trailer for another of Netflix's Halloween movies, Fractured:

So if you're looking for something new to watch this Halloween, then why not give this one a chance? It could be the scariest thing you see all year.