Sophie Turner reveals the meaning behind her new 'Game of Thrones' tattoo

Sophie Turner reveals the meaning behind her new 'Game of Thrones' tattoo

Tattoos have special meanings. When get you inked with a butterfly, that symbolizes rebirth. When you get inked with a bird, that symbolizes freedom. And when you get inked with the Insane Clown Posse logo, that symbolizes your horrible taste in music.

Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, and recently got a tattoo referencing the hit fantasy show. When she was first cast, she was thirteen years old. Now she's 20. The actress has grown up in front of our eyes, so you can see why she'd want to commemorate the experience. Sophie got a tattoo of House Stark's direwolf sigil, with the quote, "the pack survives."

That quote should sound familiar to fans. In season 7 of the HBO series, Sansa tells her sister, Arya, "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives." Meanwhile, in the books, Ned Stark (Sansa and Arya's father) says the same quote to Arya.

It's a meaningful phrase, since after Ned is brutally murdered, his six kids get split up, and embark on different journeys. As the series comes to an end, the Stark children are finally reuniting, with each one significantly transformed. After the lone wolf died, the pack may get sweet revenge on those that betrayed him.

When Sophie shared a photo of her inking on Instagram, Game of Thrones fans freaked out. They thought the tattoo might be a spoiler for the eighth and final season. Since the first season, House Stark has suffered a lot. Could this mean that in the series finale, when all the dust settles, they'll be the last House standing?

On Thursday, Sophie appeared on CBS' The Late Late Late Show with James Corden, which is doing a week of episodes in London. Corden asked if her famous Game of Thrones tattoo is a spoiler for the final season. She said no, she just likes the quote.

"While I was getting it done, people advised me not to, because it looked like I was giving everything away, but I wasn't. It's just a quote from last season. Everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it's just a moral that I like to live by."

This isn't Sophie's first tattoo. She and Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, each got inked with "07.08.05," the date they both got cast on Game of Thrones. Also, Sophie and her fiancé, singer Joe Jonas, each got matching tattoos, which appear to be based on a frame of Sansa Stark from the show. And guess who's going to be one of Sophie's bridesmaids in the wedding? That's right, Maisie Williams. They're practically real sisters now.

Well, Sophie's tattoo's not a spoiler, which is good news for the fans. But I'm starting to like the idea of getting inked with a spoiler. I'm going to get a face tattoo that says, "Bruce Willis was dead the whole time."