A homeless man helped an NFL player pull his car out of the snow and got an incredible present

A homeless man helped an NFL player pull his car out of the snow and got an incredible present

Dave Cochran currently lives in his truck with his girlfriend and small dog in Kansas City, Missouri. But despite hitting a rough patch in life, he keeps his spirits up, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. On Saturday, he noticed several drivers were stuck in the snow and decided to be a good samaritan. "I was driving down (U.S.) 40 Highway and saw a couple cars stuck," Cochran told KSHB. "I pulled one car out before that, then I saw another car stuck and I told my old lady, 'We have to help him.'"

The stranded driver of that car was Jeff Allen, an offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. Hours later, he was scheduled to face off against the Indianapolis Colts in a playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium. If he didn't get his vehicle free soon, he was in danger of missing kickoff. The homeless man stopped to help Allen pull his car out of the snow, without having any idea he was a professional football player.

"It said Texas plates, he wasn’t used to this weather," said Cochran. "I went to help him, then he told me he was a Chiefs player. I didn’t know he was a Chiefs player. I looked at him as a normal person and hoped he would do the same for me like I did for him."

The Chiefs defeated the Colts 31-13, picking up their first playoff win at Arrowhead Stadium in over 25 years. After the victory, Allen took to social media to track down the "nice guy named Dave" who helped him out. "My car got stuck in the snow before the game & a nice guy named Dave help pull me out without knowing I was a player," he tweeted. "I want to give him tickets to the AFC championship game for helping but don’t have a way to contact him. He drove a 97 or 98 Black Suburban. Pls RT #ChiefsKingdom."

The next day, Allen posted an update on Twitter, letting everyone know that he succeeded in tracking down Dave. (Ah, the power of social media!) And the Chiefs player didn't just say thank you; KSHB reports that he gave Dave an incredible present to pay him back for his act of kindness: Tickets to the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium next Sunday.

"That’s a natural habit for me is to help people. I don't expect anything in return. All I was expecting was a thank you," said Cochrane. But while virtue is its own reward, he's psyched to go to the AFC Championship on Sunday, which will be his first time attending a Kansas City Chiefs game. "It’s like a dream come true," he shared. "I saw the message this morning, and I am not going to fake with you, call me soft if you want to homeboys, I started bawling to know he is a man of his word and he reached out to contact me."

Well, we won't tell any homeboys you're soft, Dave. Congratulations on the tickets, and good luck getting back on your feet.