6 People share the story of finding out people they were close to were living a double life

6 People share the story of finding out people they were close to were living a double life

As much as we would all love to think that our partners are totally trustworthy, the sad truth of the matter is that they are not always. People do shady things all the time - and, yes, this includes the man or woman who you spoon with when night falls. Thought you could rely on them, did you? Sorry to burst your bubble.

But treachery comes in all sorts of shapes and forms. Sometimes the only deceitful thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend is that they stole the last biscuit in the packet when you had staked a claim on it an hour before. Then again, sometimes your partner has a secret second wife and three kids living a few miles south of your hometown. You just never know with these things.

1. A bit of a player?

"I was 6 years old when my grandfather died. He was a great man. He owned and operated his own scrapyard and provided abundantly for my family when they came up from Mexico. However, he was apparently a bit of a player...

The day of his funeral, there was about 3x the expected turnout. And if you know anything about Hispanic families, that viewing room was PACKED to the brim of people.

A priest took the stand and began his eulogy, and at the end asked for all of Grandfathers children to stand up... yikes. In addition to my three uncles and four aunts, At least a dozen people arose from their seats, and soon low gasps and whispers started to flood the room. My grandfather had at least two other families we did not know about until the day of his funeral."

- EasyBrown

2. Happily ever after

"A good friend of mine used to live out in Texas. His dad was a salesman, always gone, quite suddenly, on the business trips.

One day there was a hostage situation, and it was all over the news, big time. My friend and his mom were watching TV and followed the whole thing. Then they saw one of the SWAT teams holding their position, waiting on the special team that SWAT had called in to breach the place and take down the terrorist. Man jumps out of the armored car in full gear, no visible part of his body identifiable, but she recognises her husband immediately.

When he got home the next day, they had a long talk. Now he's a delivery guy, happy family and all."

- Jonorok

3. Apparently, proposing is a good way to get into a woman's knickers

"I had a cousin my age pass away when we were 23. I was introduced to his fiancée during the prefuneral get togethers.

Two more fiancées showed up to the funeral.

It was fun keeping them apart and answering questions as to who those other beautiful women were that were sobbing."

- MarmeeDearest

4. That darn paper industry...

"A friend found out that his dad was in the special forces after years believing he sold paper products abroad. He eventually discovered the truth after seeing his dad on a liveleak video receiving a blood transfusion after being shot. When he confronted him, his dad had said "Oh yea, that. The paper industry can be very competitive"

- shitstorm_delux

5. Well, this one struck a sombre tone...

"He pretended to have combat-induced PTSD, that he used as an excuse for his shitty behavior. Turned out he was never in combat, but he talked about it every day, all the time to everyone."


6. Nothing bonds two men like sharing a pizza and beer - and a woman, apparently

 "I was seeing this girl. We met at work, and hit it off pretty quickly.... This went on for about a year.

Things started to get weird was when we went out to a bar, both got shitfaced, and I said well your place is like a few miles down the road, let’s just crash there. She was adamant about getting a cab back to my place. Seemed a little weird but whatever, yay drunk sex. So this happened a few more times, she’d always have excuses, her place was a mess. She was painting. Etc. At this point it’s not adding up.

So one night I decide to surprise her at home, figuring she would be happy to split a pizza and a 6 pack. She’s not home. But her fiancée is. Turns out he’s a pretty cool guy, has suspected something is going on with her, says she’s been staying late at work a lot lately, including tonight. No she isn’t.

So we decide to split the pizza, watch the baseball game and wait for her. I will never forget the look of oh I’m fucked on her face when she strolled through the door and saw her fiancée and her boyfriend sitting on the couch eating pizza and drinking beer."

- pizoisoned

 So, are you feeling a little untrusting all of a sudden? I can't say I blame you, if I'm honest.