Woman recreates iconic scene from 'Love, Actually' to send a Brexit message

Woman recreates iconic scene from 'Love, Actually' to send a Brexit message

This Christmas, as we sit in front of the television with our gathered friends and loved ones, it's becoming a bit of a holiday tradition to watch a few films in front of a fireplace or underneath a blanket.

Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life and Die Hard (yes, Die Hard, fight me) are just three examples of the iconic Christmas film, but for some people, Love Actually stands as the only thing you should be watching come December 25.

Love, Actually cast Credit: Getty

It's an ensemble film full of star names, emotional romantic moments and romantic gestures that would only get you arrested in reality, but it has one of the most iconic scenes in movie history - one you'll be able to recall if you've been living under a rock and have thus not seen the movie.

One of the plots running through the movie is one where Chiwetel Ojiofor's character gets married to Keira Knightley's, blissfully unaware that his best friend played by Andrew Lincoln (in his pre-the Walking Dead days) is madly in love with her. The scene ends with this climactic moment:

If you ask me, this is one of the many scenes in Love, Actually that would get you slapped with a restraining order if you tried them in real life - and actually slapped, depending on how forgiving your best friend is - but it works in the context of the film, and crucially, it's a format that's absolutely ripe for parody.

And so it's proven, once again - good job, internet - as this Christmas, one woman from Germany has used the tried and tested format to make a pretty important point about Brexit - the figurative noose slowly tightening around the neck of Great Britain.

As a German woman living in the United Kingdom, Terry Reintke is understandably fairly upset about the outcome of the groundbreaking referendum that shook British politics to its core, back in the nostalgic years of 2016. So Terry thought to express her feelings to the British people, in a language all Brits can understand: plainly written English in all capitals. Our school system hasn't failed us yet.

If you think about it, this kind of message is way more on-brand for the message of Love, Actually than Andrew Lincoln's creepy love letter: "I love you despite our differences" is much more palatable than "I know I'm the worst best friend but I just wanted to let you know I think you're super hot", don't you think?

Anyway, mini rant over. This video quickly made the rounds on Twitter, picking up over a million views and over 32,000 likes, and Brits have been quick to let her know that they feel the same way, despite the UK's impending departure from the European Union.

"Thank you. We still will be here. Our island is not going to drift away. Happy Christmas!" pretty much sums up the mood. This Christmas, let's try and celebrate our European brethren while they're here, and treat them with love. Actually.