Fans think this video shows Meghan Markle has already lost her accent

Fans think this video shows Meghan Markle has already lost her accent

Anyone who has ever seen an interview with any member of the royal family can vouch for the fact that they have a very particular way of speaking. The Queen's English is something that's fascinated people for centuries and anytime one of the Windsor clan open their mouth, many of us hang on to each and every word they say.

Although, this is exactly why having an American in the family makes things interesting. At royal events, we can now turn to Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton to hear the classic Received Pronunciation accent that we all know and love, and then look over to Meghan Markle to mix it up with her softly-spoken Los Angeles accent.

Nonetheless, marrying a British person, moving over to England and spending all of your time surrounded by his friends and family is bound to take effect somehow. And many people believe that Meghan is succumbing to the British way of talking already, after less than a month of marriage.

In a video that was posted to social media by Twitter user @elzeiny99, Meghan can be seen greeting the crowds in Cheshire during her royal tour with Queen Elizabeth II. In the footage, the new Duchess is simply lovely and takes the time to speak to numerous individuals in the crowd, asking their names and chatting about the royal wedding.

However, rather than focusing on the former actress' niceties in the footage, many have looked to her accent, with people online pointing out that if you listen carefully, you can hear a bit of a mix of the American and English accent starting to come out.

Could it be true? Could the former Suits star be ditching American pronunciation in favour of the British way? Although in many parts of the video she certainly still sounds like she's from across the pond, there sure are some keywords and phrases such as "thank you" and "oh my goodness" that suggest that Meghan may have been getting tips from Grandma Liz on RP.

If this is the case, it is not completely surprising, given that it was reported back in March that Meghan was undergoing elocution lessons to sound more British ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry.  "Meghan is on a crash course with a trusted coach used by the royals," a source reportedly revealed to Entertainment Tonight. "First on the list is silver service - she must be able to tell a fish knife from her butter knife, know how to handle seafood, drink soup and so on."

They continued: "There'll be no stone unturned as in less than 12 weeks all eyes will be on her - there is no room for error. Elocution lessons will also feature. Meghan's American twang will be softened and toned down. But more essential is her switching to British terminology - she simply cannot be 'taking out the trash' and 'wearing pants'."

So, could it be true? Is Meghan Markle leaving her American roots behind to become a fully-fledged Brit? It sure could be the case, given that in the video she is heard making small talk about the weather: "We all had a great day I think. The sun was shining for us. Very lucky, all around. Like today almost, no rain for the moment. Fingers crossed!"

All she needs now is the ability to be needlessly apologetic and inept about expressing her true feelings and she's bloody well there.