Watch the magic moment Bruce Willis gets hilariously roasted by his ex-wife on TV

Watch the magic moment Bruce Willis gets hilariously roasted by his ex-wife on TV

Here's a question for any divorcées reading: If you had the chance to utterly roast your ex onstage in front of hundreds of people, would you take it?

Well, of course you would! Just imagine being given the opportunity to completely rip into your old partner for their every misdemeanour during your time together: every time they forgot plans that had been in the works for weeks, every sock they left on the floor for you to pick up, every time they were talking to you with one eye on the sports or a shoddy reality TV show - not to mention all the rest...

In the grand scheme of things, not many people will be gifted with this golden opportunity. However, Demi Moore was recently one of the lucky few, when she stepped up to mock her former husband at the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis on Saturday, leaving the actor with nothing to do but watch and cringe.

Making a surprise appearance at the event, which was taped at The Hollywood Palladium, the 55-year-old actress, who was married to Bruce for 12 years, took to the stage to crack jokes about their union, his skills as a parent and, most controversially, how he clinched one of his career-defining roles.

The star, who shares three daughters with her ex (who she was with from 1987 to 2000) began by saying: "For those of you that don’t know me, I am Demi Moore. I was married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense, because the last two sucked."

She continued to compare their relationship to one of the actor's most famous films - much to the pleasure of the crowd - saying:  "I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense. You were dead the whole time."

With their daughters sitting in the audience, the Ghost actress then stepped up the pace to rip into Bruce for his parenting skills. "Bruce is super generous," she told the audience, "When our daughter Rumer was a baby and it was his turn to change the diaper in the middle of the night, he would lean over and whisper to me, ‘I’ll give you a thousand dollars right now if you change that diaper. Scout asked me not to say anything, but just last week he offered her a thousand dollars to change his diaper … some things never change."

However, perhaps the most controversial moment of the night came when the star made a joke about how exactly the Pulp Fiction actor got his role in the Oscar-winning picture. Demi risked the wrath of the audience when she brought up shamed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

"I was there for some special moments," she said. "Bruce got his career-breaking moment in Pulp Fiction, and it seemed really odd at the time, this big action star in a little indie film, but Bruce went over to Harvey Weinstein’s hotel, and I don’t know, but he came back and said, ‘I got the part!'"

Nonetheless, the crowd appeared to take the joke in good humour, with most of them bursting into laughter at this part of the speech. In addition, Bruce himself appeared to find the whole performance hilarious, with the actor cracking up at many of his ex-wife's jibes.

It sure is good to hear of two exes who can take the mick out of each other with no hard feelings.